Monday, January 11, 2010

TV Tuesday - Part 1 - The Bachelor

**Rozlyn Papa**
HELLO first scandal of the season! apparently after hanging all over Jake during their group date she didn't get enough love and attention so she had to look (and it sounds like she did much more than look into)to a staffer (as Chris Harrison calls him) - Goodbye threat to everyone

My top picks still are:


There is something about Tenley that is so geniune. She reminds me a little bit of Alicia Silverstone or the Melissa Joan Hart - does anyone else see that? I think its more looks than anything

Elizabeth Kitt
Elizabeth received the rose during her group date, and here is something that intrigues me about her but for some reason I am having a hard time believing that she will last long resisting kisses from Jake

Alli Fedotowsky
I LOVED their one on one time tonight. It just seemed so natural and easy for the two of them to interact. She seems very down to earth and the fact she over came her fear of flying to go on a two seater plane with him is pretty impressive. I really like her!
Although did you happen to see in the rose ceremony - it was always blurry when they panned back out into the crowd of girls - I think she had on tennis shoes - like chuck taylors with her formal dress.... i know that i'm not the most fashion forward person - but really? is this a new fashion trend coming our way?

The others who are still alive in the quest for Jake's heart:
Ella Nolan
It was her birthday the day before the rose ceremony, and Jake had a special surprise to her... and I'm not going to lie, I just assumed that Jake (aka ABC) had brought her son to visit with her for a short amount of time... but apparently my assumption was too cliche and he brought her out a cupcake with a candle in it... i suppose a single cupcake will have to do for now

Gia Alliemand
I'm not completely sold on Gia... I'm not so sure why. I think she is more concerned about her appearance than being there for Jake.

Vienna Girardi
First chosen in the rose ceremony, but there is something abou her that I think she is more of the rock of love type than the Bachelor

Okay sis, I understand that it would be difficult to share the guy you are after with 14 other girls however you are going to have to get your emotions in check... She is like a yo-yo and I can pretty much tell you that she reminds me of the Stage 5 clinger with Jason Mesnick and I'm strarting to get annoyed already

And these five I really don't know much about - there isn't anything about them that stands out to me but for some reason they are still on the show - I guess I will wait until next episode to hopefully find out more

Jessie Sulidius
Corrie Adamson
Valishia Savage
Ashley Hunt

Hit the Road Jack...

Christina McCasland
perhaps if you had not felt the need to drink in order for you to pose for a photo shoot and then ramble rather than talk with jake - you might have had an opportunity to stay....

Does anyone remember - is this the girl who brought the jelly beans? I forget

Ashley Elmore
I'm not so sure as to why she wasn't chosen to stay- however I loved her dress at the rose ceremony.

Next week I will recap more about what is happening with the girls as well as the dates, but for now I wanted to give you all my opinions about what I think is happening with the cast mates... Until next monday night and another round of dates...

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