Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacation... all I ever wanted...

This past weekend my family spent time in Vail. It was a much needed vacation for the 4 of us. We had a wonderful time!

Our trip started out with a little bit of humor when we went to pick up our rental car in Denver. My parents went in to get our car and they upgraded us to a new suburban... we packed up all of our luggage [snowboards, skis, 2 bootbags, & 4 carry on pieces of luggage] and went to head out of the gate when the guy told us that we had the wrong car.. how in the world could that happen? well, apparently we were supposed to get in the car [which they have all the keys in the cars] to the left of the one we got into... so we had to UNPACK the entire car, REPACK the new car and try again... only us! Word to the wise silver and taupe look very similar when its dark out and you are supposed to pick out your car! [don't mind the fact that we were supposed to grab the car in slot A16 instead of A17... we were just excited to be on vacation!]

When we got to our condo we were beyond impressed! It was gorgeous and the view of the town was awesome... but not as awesome as our pet/mascot of the week that we affectionately called Gerald but Jerry for short
[this thing is was HUGE!]
We hadn't seen the view from our room because we got there so late but this is what we woke up to in the morning

It was nice to go back to a resort that we have been to before so we aren't relearning our way around the mountain. We hit the slopes early on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon we finally had blue skies

We came back after boarding for about 7 hours to have a relaxing drink on our patio... and I may have been a little mean and sent J this picture and said - Happy Hour?!

Saturday a family friend who lives about a 1/2 hour a away from Vail came to meet us for the day. The conditions on the slopes were HORRIBLE! they closed the back bowls because there was 65 mph winds... and visibility was very low. We decided to ski/board the trees a majority of the time so we could see where we were going... the trees made it challenging but fun!

I realized the only thing worse than nearly crashing into a tree is to nearly crash into a tree, and have all the snow from the bottom branches fall on top of you AND THEN have someone call you out - "hey girl in the blue jacket, are you okay...", "yes sir".... i had to talk myself into getting my feet which were above my head and un-bury myself from the snow so i didn't look like a fool under neath all of this snow!

I also decided to put my pedometer on because I realized that reaching 7,000 steps a day was not going to be easy unless I could get some of my steps in on the mountain... sure enough it worked!

I will take the horrible conditions on Saturday any day to wake up to what we did on Sunday morning... we had 13" of fresh powder and we headed over to Blue Sky Basin. It was a little bit of a struggle to get over there, but once we were there it was pure heaven! I looked at my dad and told him I felt like I was in a big kid's playground!

There was a little hut outside at Blue Sky Basin where you could get hot dogs and drinks - and let me tell you - it was one of the best hot dogs I have ever had.. I had the Denver dog - with chili, cheese, onions, and jalapeno.
Monday we boarded/skied 1/2 of a day before we had to head out. The 4 of us on our last day of vacation [I wish the sky was not so gray... but that's mother nature for you!]
last view from our room...[where were these blue skies when we took our family picture?!]
Thank you mom and dad for another wonderful family vacation! I don't think you realize how much I appreciate that you still take us on vacations and that we all can do something together such as snowboarding/skiing and have so much fun!

Can't wait to do it all over again in New York!

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So What Wednesdays....

So what if:

  • I haven't blogged since last Wednesday... I've been out of town, and I will do a whole recap tomorrow of vacation, I did bring my computer with intentions of blogging, however I am so dumb with technology I couldn't figure out how to connect it to the wireless Internet and ended up just relying on my phone with fb and twitter to stay connected to most of my favorite bloggers
  • I have become semi addicted to twitter... there i said it!
  • I was really hoping to peak into the fire truck that ran through the village of Vail when we were there to see if Ryan Sutter was on the ladder truck.. I mean there is a slight chance it could have been his unit day? right?!
  • I drank straight from the 2 liter when we were packing up to leave Vail because I didn't want to dirty a dish in the condo that we were staying in, and then I realized it was such a novel idea not to dirty a cup I did it again last night at home while sitting on the couch [okay - maybe last nights piece was pure laziness]
  • I feel like I should have taken a day off just to catch up on my DVR. Last night alone I watched the following shows : Top Chef, RHOBH [sooo good and juicy!], Biggest Loser [Sorry President Obama, although I would love to have your wife's arms, I do not appreciate you cutting off one of my tv shows for the State of the Union Address.. sorry that i'm not that into politics-please don't hate me for saying that!], 2 episodes of Teen Mom [and yes I'm kinda loving Lea and Corey], and Holly's World ...
  • We got a save the date in the mail yesterday addressed to Justin Woogie and Lindsey... Justin's nickname growing up has always been Woogie.. and apparently they found it quiet funny to use that rather than his last name.. i got a kick out of it.. however, I do not think I would appreciate being called Lindsey Woogie - JS!
  • I still haven't unpacked my bag - I just keep taking out pieces of clothing that I need and the rest of the suit case just sits in the middle of my floor [i know mom, your shocked! ha!]
  • Hate the saying "I know, right?!?!" it just annoys me, and makes my blood pressure rise!
  • I read a Nicholas Sparks book on vacation -and yes I realize that I'm 27 and still reading his books, but they are good
  • I finished the book in 2 days
  • I cried on the plane while reading the ending! I have never cried before during a book.. guess I won't be reading in public anytime soon!
  • My attempt to maintain my current weight until we start round 2 of the biggest loser is not working out so well... I have lost 3lbs in the process of trying to gain/maintain. Here's to hoping a lunch consisting of hibachi next Monday will increase my sodium intake so much that I will have water weight for the first weigh in...
  • I'm slightly freaked out by the fairly new guy in our office. I swear he is a clone of me - we have WAY too parallel - here are a few that we have caught onto thus far, and we don't even work together on a daily basis:
our birthdays are a day a part, we live across the street from one another, we both drive VW, we go to the same church, we both showed up at work yesterday wearing peacoats and Burberry scarves, we both went to leave for the day and realized we had on fleece North Face gloves, we work out at the same gym...

Would you be kinda wigged out by all of this? Or is just me?

So what are you saying so what to today?

Head on over to Mama Dew's blog and link up!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So what if....

**First off, thank you for all the sweet comments about Molly's birthday. I'm quite certain that she had NO clue that everyone was there for her, however she was a happy kid like always and I made sure to give her extra loving that day!**

So what if...

  • I downloaded my first ever song off iTunes this past weekend... before J would always download the songs for me [pathetic i know!]
  • I still haven't taken off my gel nails - I'm just letting them grow out until they are gone
  • I have bought 2-3 bags of pop chips every week at the grocery store, and J and I can eat/share the bag in one sitting
  • I get excited every time I see the Masters commercials- however its not the "real deal" unless it has the song and finishes with "a tradition unlike any other"
  • I'm slightly stressing out because I haven't made a list of what I'm packing for my trip ... but clearly I'm finding this post much more important than doing so
  • I made myself go to the gym prior to trying on bridesmaid's dresses this past week so my legs would look toned
  • I cropped the living sh!t out of this picture and the watermark where it is because I had to cover up a hair that the razor must have missed [not a user error of course!]
  • I called ToysR'Us on Saturday, saying I was in a time crunch to see if they could look up a registry for me and with a given price range if they would be able to bring something off of the shelf and have it at customer service for me so I could just run in and out.. and sure enough they did! HELLO CUSTOMER SERVICE! thank you again Toys R Us!
  • All of my Christmas decorations are down [well except for my wreath on the front door!]
  • I'm taking a class at the gym in hopes to give me "Michelle Obama arms" however each week it becomes harder and harder and more than just my arms are hurting when I wake up on Wednesday morning!
Head on over to one of my favorite blogger's blog - Life After I "Dew" - and link your blog up to hers!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Molls!

Happy 1st birthday Molly Kay!

Molly Kay - I am truly honored to be your Godmother, and I can not wait to celebrate every birthday with you, but being able to spend your 1st one with you is oh, so special to me!

I will say that through the past year I have never felt more blessed to have you my life. You brighten my day every time I get to see you!

I love you chunk munk!

Your fairy Godmother - ha!

2 days old
Justin and I meeting Molly for the first time
there is something beyond precious about little babies feet
3 days old
visit at home with dinner
[still my favorite picture ever!]
Datenight for mom and dad.... surprisingly I caught a smile on camera
[sorry poor quality from my blackberry!]

1 month old
before the scarf exchange
adventures in babysitting in March

playing with Justin after he came home from work
making sure her pillowcase dress fit her
baptismjust waving "hi"
over the summer
datenight for mom and dad
a little diva in the makingHalloween
[you would have never known she was sick for her 1st halloween based of her pictures]
[helping me bake dessert]

Its amazing to me how much she has changed over the past year. This little girl has warmed my heart more than she will ever know!

As if I won't say it enough today

Happy Birthday Molly Kay!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday... Strange Addictions

So I am just as guilty as y'all are of watching the show strange addictions. [based off of some twitter conversations I had/read]

Although mine aren't quiet as strange as eating comet, toilet paper, sleeping with a hair dryer... ect.. you get the picture.. i do have a few that might be a little strange to people!

I thought this was a perfect opportunity to air out all of my dirty laundry and share with y'all some of my strange addictions....

1. I have to get to 7,000 steps a day on my pedometer.

We have a program through the company I work for has a program through Virgin Health Miles, and its a wellness program. The goal is to reach 7,000+ steps a day. The days I don't make it to the gym, or that I'm not due for a 2+ mile run I find myself running in place in my basement trying to get to 7,000 by the end of the day... or i find myself stepping in place as i brush my teeth at night if I'm only a few hundred steps away.

My friend and I joke around as if the world is going to end if we don't make it to our goal each day!

[clearly i need to make it to the gym... i'm only at 1,833 so far today!.. give me a little bit of a break - its snowing out and I don't want to go over to the hospital unless i absolutely HAVE to!]

2. I can't go to sleep at night without reading all of my facebook updates... and more recently tweets. I feel like I need to be caught up with the world before I fall asleep.

Now head on over to Taylor's blog and link up with your strange addictions!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Predictions - Round 2

** Weekend Recap posted below**

After last weeks predictions 7 of y'all said Emily. Ashley S came in 2nd w/ 5 votes and then there were a few with only a few votes - Jill, Keltie, Lauren, Lisa, and Lindsay.

I'm sorry that I didn't put who I liked for my initial prediction. I really liked Lisa M after reading her bio [esp since most of the girls were brunette... he clearly has a thing for brown haired girls - right!?]

Here are the girls who survived the first round of elimination.


24 years old
Apparel Merchant

Ashley H
26 years old
DentistAshley S
26 years old
Ellerbe, NCBritt
25 years old
Food Writer
28 years old
Executive AssistantEmily
24 years old
Childrens' Hospital Even PlannerJackie
27 years old
28 years old
Radio City RocketteKimberly
27 years old
Marketing CoordinatorLindsay
25 years old
1st grade teacherLisa M
24 years old
Marketing CoordinatorMadison
25 years old
26 years old
Sports PublicistMegan
30 years old
Fashion MarketerMelissa
32 years old
30 years old
29 years old
ManscaperSarah P
27 years old
Real Estate BrokerShawntel
25 years old
Funeral DirectorStacey
26 years old
So let the predictions begin for round 2 girls! This time leave a comment about who you think HAS to go this week?
will it be Madison - vampire girl?
the manscaper - Rachiel?

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