Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrations - Part 3

So Saturday night we celebrated my dad's 50th bday... My mom put together a surprise party for him... he knew there were a few people that were going to meet him up at Wendell's, however he had no idea that so many people were going to show up.... apparently my dad's a popular guy

You can see my dad in the background in the picture - he is shocked about ALL the people showed up for him
And here comes the picture overload........
Buck, Moe, and (I have no clue - ha!)

Aunt Lu, Terri, and TodyCronk and his wife
Harry and Karen
The Schaeffers, a couple who didn't know my dad but wanted to celebrate with him, and Jim
Dick and Moe
Jim and Sandra - it was was SOO good to see them!
Little Rick, Z and another guy from the bay
Ralphie, Guido, Ron, and Rod

Sarah, Mike, Mindy and Lance
The Thompson's, Mr Reinger, and Mr Tascano
Andrew, Laura, Mr. B, and Jen
Bean, Aunt Lu, Aunt Kathy, Jill and Bill
My dad's best friends growing up
Big Tony, Brad, Ralph, Bean and Rod
They all asked to see the picture to see how it turned out, and when I went to preview the picture, they ALL had to put on their glasses - so I had to take another picture, its rough getting old.....
The Bennons, The Harts and Mr. Mandrell

Mrs. Mandrell and Mrs. Cooper
My dad, Aunt Lu and SandraMy dad and I
Guido, Charlie, Kelly and my dad

My dad and mom
This picture brings back so many memories.. the hance's and goebelers!
Big Tony and Kevin

So during my mom's 50th bday up at Put-In-Bay this summer, there was a cheese contest/war/entertainment going on between the bar we were at and the hotel next door. To make a long story short, the kids were up on the second floor of the motel, and they were flinging american cheese squares down by the pathway of the bar, they would encourage people to pick up the cheese and stick it to the windows of the bar we were at... and depending on the BAC of the person they would try to tell them to lick the cheese because it would stick better! (we only witnessed this once). well we quickly caught on to how fun this game was and it entertained us for quiet some time... well then the guys at the motel threw a piece of cheese across the walk way and it came onto our party deck and went through the fingers of my dad and Ron both, and hit another girl in our party smack in the face. Her ego was a little bruised, and I feel badly for that, however to this day, I can't look at a piece of Kraft American Cheese the same...

so Ron and Mike decided to get my dad with pieces of cheese at the end of the night.... it was quiet funny!
Mr B and my dad
A bunch of the guys. Doug, Mike, Ron, Brad, Mr. B and Justin
Sunday we all got together to celebrate both my dad's and grandpa's bday (both of their birthdays are January 16th).

Apparently this is what happens when you turn 50 and 78 - you can't get up from the couch to blow out your birthday candles - the candles come to you!
My dad opening up his Ipod from all of us kids. We have officially moved him to the 21st century (he was previously using mini disks on the boat... yes you read that correctly! MINI DISKS!)

So that is our weekend recap of everything... it was a busy, however it was a WONDERFUL!!!

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