Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Say a little prayer for .... me (us)

So today was our last day snowboarding/skiing in aspen. We have been warned that there is a winter weather advisory for tonight into tomorrow (4-8"snow)and for those of you who know about our past history/luck when getting home on time we need all the prayers that we can get! We are due to leave Aspen at 10:44am and be home with our friends and family tomorrow night to ring in the new year - and watch the buckeyes in the rose bowl!
Thank you in advance for the prayers and love!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby its cold outside...

My family left for the annual ski trip out west on Christmas day, hence all of the Christmases' celebrated prior to the 25th.
This year my mom planned our trip to Aspen - a place we had never been but we try somewhere different every year. So far we really like aspen - we have skied/snow boarded aspen mountain (yesterday and then again today) and we will try snowmass and buttermilk the remaining 3 days we are here.
We have had some chilly weather thus far, both mornings we have woken up here it has been -4 degrees (and I think I have frostbite on my toe so I am staying in for a little bit this morning in hopes to have it warm up before I hit the slopes!). We did have a few celebrity sightings - we saw Seal coming off the lift - and being star struck and not knowing how to respect their privacy quietly - I told my entire family and we quickly re-routed our next run so we could all see him. As if that wasn't enough I made my mom pose for a picture while I zoomed in on him- and then he waved - talk about utter embarrassment! I quickly boarded off as I realize that celebs deserve vacations as much as we do and I should respect their privacy. Lesson learned.
So I'm off to get bundled up for the day - I will try and post again later, I just don't have my cord and computer here to upload photos (and I know I appreciate photos in posts that I read so I will see what I can do from my phone).
Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Toledo Reunion

Last night we had a mini Toledo reunion.... and it was just what I needed before the holiday. The guys we met up with were some of my closest friends from college. I was also excited that I could introduce J to some of my closest friends from school... and even more excited that they approved of him (j/k!) Although we may not see each other frequently, a majority of this group has been close since before our freshman year of school, we met at a YMCA camp for freshman on UTs campus... and as much hesitation that I had about going to the camp Icame away with some of the people who would become my best friends in college!

All of us at dinner
After dinner we went to the bar and hung out for a while, I wish that I didn't have to work today, or else I could have stayed up all night catching up with the guys. We had such a good time, and it was nice not to have a care in the world and just relax and be with a great group of friends! It really made me miss college

J, myself and Ryan

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas..... times a lot!

Sorry that I have been MIA lately, we have had a lot going on the last few days. With Christmas just around the corner, and my family leaving for vacation Christmas morning, we practically celebrate Christmas one weekend a month from the beginning of December until December 24th.

My parents parent's are all divorced and 3 out of 4 are remarried - which makes for many xmas celebrations, which i love, because i love nothing more than to be with my family (and friends) during the holidays.

This weekend was no exception... Friday night we celebrated Christmas with my Dad's dad, his wife Janet, and my Great Grandma Millie, along with my dad's siblings and all of their kids (my cousin's).... so in all there were 22 of us...
Aunt Lu, Janet and Brooke

Here is the kids table... i'm pretty sure the adults in the dining room were jealous of the fun we were having at our table!
My Grandpa always took my great grandma to a little place in Westerville called Jillians. My great grandma is a very sophisticated lady, who is always prim and proper however she called Jillian's fine dining - which always made me laugh, because it was nothing more than a hole in the wall pub. But Jillian's was going under renovation, and they called to ask my aunt if she would want to purchase the booth my grandpa and grandma always sat at for lunch, and of course my aunt said yes.. so we set up the booth down in my parents basement for them to enjoy a fine dining experience at Jillian's pub (disclaimer - my mom did not make them eat their xmas dinner downstairs!)
Most of the cousin's waiting to open gifts

My cousin Jeremy recently got engaged to Jen, and my aunt got their name in blocks for Christmas.

Alli just realized that her name was in ranALLI and decided to hold up her name as well... she is special alright!

Here is my great grandma Millie rocking out my aunt's glasses (she is too stubborn to go and get her eyes checked at 95)... isn't she adorable!
Sunday I started my day with exchanging gifts with Justin, well the gifts that I didn't already open (hehe) and the ones that he didn't already get/open. We always set a spending limit on what we can buy one another - which I really think helps - it allows us to be creative as well as helps us both with our budgets!

Justin's Gifts for Moi:

*ugg slippers*a wallet*a watch *2 Homage Tee's* and a few shirts from Kohl's*

Gifts that I received from JM:
*Julie and Julia (a movie about cooking and blogging - whats not to love!)* a can opener (because mine was AWFUL!) * a pair of charcoal chuck t's * and a new Coach purse* (and the pink shirt that I posted about a few days ago - that I had to have!)

After we exchanged gifts it was off to a cookie exchange with at one of my friends mom's house. I was quiet embarrased of what I attempted to bring to the cookie exchange. I called Lauren 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there telling her that I had a cookie casuality and that I would not be able to make it.... she said just throw whatever you have on a plate and come, it will be fine, and my response to that was that is my problem! I can't throw the Turtle Bars on the plate because they are just falling apart. So after a near breakdown JM came to the rescue to help me... we broke the crumbles down a little bit more and put them in bags and called them ice cream turtle topping.... nothing like improvising! I think I watch too much Food Network because I was embarrassed to serve them with my name on it - hopefully someone out of the 15+ that were there enjoyed my ice cream topping! ha
Here are just a few of the girls who participated in the cookie exchange. Lauren and her mom did such a great job of hosting it!
We ended the Sunday at my parents house for our Sunday meal and Gift Exchange. I absolutely love my parents house during the holidays. It always feels like home to me but it just feels so much warmer when the house is decorated for Christmas.

My mom had set the dining room table for dinner
J and I in front of the tree

Alli with her new pair of Uggs from my grandma (my mom's mom who is in Florida)
My Uggs from my grandma - thank you Nonna... we had a very Uggy Xmas around our household

The boys opening up their gifts from Brad and Laura ... their very own suitcases - so they no longer have to borrow theirs or ours when they travel
Alli with all of her red "glassware stuff" for on top of her cabinets in her kitchen
Here is Lilly, Alli and Doug's beagle, and her xmas toy from J and I
Lily really did not want J to leave my parents.. as he walked - she walked on her back 2 legs all the way down the hallway

Tonight we had J's parents over to celebrate xmas - and I wasn't very good at taking pictures, I did get one picture of his parent's dog, Boomer with one of his T-Bone treats and walrus stuffed animal.
Jaci also stopped by tonight because she had a "crafty" gift for me... she thought this is just what my mantle needed.... isn't it AWESOME! thank you jaci - you are so thoughtful!

We have one more xmas to celebrate at my dad's mom's house xmas eve... and then we will attend christmas eve service at church, where it will truly feel like the holidays....

Only 4 more days!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wardrobe Wants Wednesday

Today's wardrobes wants are all from Francescas...

i think this top would be cute with a white long sleeve shirt underneath or just plain for a summer outfit

i'm just now starting to realize that i LOVE LOVE LOVE big chunky rings, and I thought the one below was quiet cute!

like i said last week ... ruffles are my fave this season. you could either dress this up or wear it with jeans

these shoes are from Nine West

i have these shoes in black and i have worn through them already - they are so comfortable and perfect for work or for a cute way to dress up jeans - i've gone ahead and asked for these for my birthday which isnt until february but its never to early to start a list - right?

Only 9 more days until Christmas? Have you done all of your holiday shopping?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not so thrifty Tuesday

So i totally know that I have been slacking lately.. and i apologize, I would like to make up excuses like its the craziest time of the year - but that means I should be full of good things to share with all of my friends - right?! well tonight was no exception, I had my departments work xmas party, went to the mall to pick up xmas gifts for JM and my sister, and then came back and wrapped all of my gifts... and that leaves me here tonight at 10:40 trying to come up with a blog post...

I did however see a really neat craft idea that I am hoping to make within the next week or so. My VPs assistant showed me something that she had received from a from a friend and you will need the following products

A 1'X1' piece of slate (as smooth as possible)

I haven't actually gone to the store and looked at my options for paints, however from what i read online Apple Barrel Paints would work, and would be non - toxic, however I want to do my own research as well.
Cheese Spreader
You can use plain cheese spreaders or you can get fancy ones to match your plates

Felt Feet

What I envision doing is painting the letter of the couples last name in the middle of the slate, or if its for hosting a party I could always do something to match the kitchen of the host (with either polka dots - because I am crazy about polka dots or doing something relative to the seasons). Once your paint has dried add felt feet to the bottom of your piece of tile, so it doesn't scratch the counter of the receipent.
After everything has dried, you will tie up the chalk and the cheese spreader with a piece of ribbon (polka dot of course - ha!) and voila - you have a perfect holiday gift of a hostess gift that is unique and original. Here is something that looks similiar to what I was envisioning - however once your personalized twists are added it will be WAY cuter! (<--- and yes I know thats not a word, however I'm super tired, and I my brain has turned off!) As soon as I find time (and energy) to make one I will SURELY post it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Condo living is wonderful opportunity for first time home buyers, however it does not lead itself to many decoration options.. so I will share with you a few that I have up at my place, however, I am hoping to get MANY ideas for next year!

This is my mantle above my fireplace. It is a work in progress. (So if you have any ideas on how to make it better - I am open to ANY suggestion!)
My absolute favorite part of my mantle are the stockings, they were my great grandfathers, who had polio, and my great great grandma hand knitted all of his socks. We came across the socks when we were going through quilts that my great grandma had, and I HAD to have his socks for my stockings!

I saw this idea in a magazine a long time ago, however I never had a house of my own to decorate, so I was finally so excited when I was able to hang large ornaments from my banister going upstairs!

One without the flash so you can see the ornaments true colors a little better -i'm starting to realize that my little sony cybershot might be nice for pictures of my friends and family, however I need to learn how to take picture on the right setting if I am going to share them with all of you!
I have this card holder set up in the space/cut out between my (VERY SMALL) kitchen, and my living room. I don't put any of my xmas card in it because it would just clutter the stand, I just like the added christmas trees to the house
My half bath on the first floor is the only bathroom I have decorated. It will stay this way all of winter, where there is anything snowflake now, there are normally flowers for the other 3 seasons! My sister has made all of the pictures for the wall - she is so talented with the computer and photography.. perhaps i should take a few pointers from her - ha!

This little shelf doesn't have many holiday things on it, just my little snowboarder marshmallow ornament and a tin from my grandparents with pine trees punched into the sides

Here is my xmas tree again, I have added a few more teal bulbs since the Show us Your Life Christmas Tree.. I think it was just what it was missing - minus a topper...

Make sure and stop by all the others participating in Christmas Tour of Homes 2009.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girls Night in Martini Party

Its that time of year again... my 3rd annual Girls Night in Martini Party. Its a lot of fun, a way for all of us girlfriends to get together during the holidays (all of our other halves also join up at a local establishment - ha!) I ask all the girls to bring a wrapped martini glass to exchange and a small bottle of flavored vodka to make the martinis, and then i provide all the garnishments and make the food for the party. Thank you to all of my friends who came and made this year a HUGE success.

The food table
Baked Brie with Apples and Pears
Cookie Exchange Cookies

We do a Chinese Gift Exchange - where everyone picks a number, and then you pick your wrapped martini glass, or "steal" someone elses martini glass that has already been opened. And it engages everyone who comes to the party... the tree on the food table had paper ornaments on it and that is how the girls picked their numbers this year for the drawing.

Where all the drinks were made

Molly and her HUGE glass from my grandma, including a note that said "call me if you need a ride home - Nan" - ha!
Meghan with her first ever key lime martini, in her fancy glass that Jaci made
All of the toledo girls

Jaci and I
Jess and Amanda
Laurie and Lauren

Ruthann, Aunt Lu and Nan

we went to easton today to do a little holiday shopping errr a lot of shopping for myself - but there were good deals - so how can you pass them up Aly, Kush and I at lunch at cheesecake

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life! thank you for a great 24 hours .... I wish the holidays were year round!

ONLY 13 days until Christmas!!!