Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Burp Cloths

You all know that I typically give BBBlocks to any/all of my friends for their baby gift, and I fully intended on getting a set of blocks for my hair dresser Jenny, although Stella decided to come a few weeks early, and by the time I would have gotten the blocks to Jenny, Stella would have already been 5 months old... so she would have missed out on over 25 pictures. So that left me in a bit of pickle... what to get Jenny. I'm pretty sure being a hairdresser she has every adorable little pink outfit that Carters, Gap and Old Navy has to offer so what would could I give her that would is cute and practical.

My mom had made these burp cloths a long time ago, however I have always kept the idea in the back of my mind and I wanted to make them for someone. I attempted my hand at the sewing machine, however I ended up entertaining my mom while she sewed. I need to work on my sewing machine abilities... much more difficult than I would have thought, however I thought these turned out cute. (There are 3 burp cloths in each bundle) THANKS MOM!!!


Jen said...

You and your mom did such a wonderful job! They are sooo cute :)

Annie said...

Those burp clothes are beautiful.

My husband and I work with embroidered burp clothes.