Sunday, January 10, 2010

Benihana's thankfully not Babyhaha's

Tonight we met up with our friends Jason and Katie for dinner. They invited us to go to Benihana with them, and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to give Katie her baby shower gift (she's only 37 weeks preggo - better late than never right?!?! and as long as Molly didn't decide tonight around the hibachi grill was a good time to make her arrival we would be all good!)
Justin and I split the vegas roll as an appetizer... or should I say one of our 3 appetizers (including the soup and salad that come with your dinner). It honestly had to be one of the best rolls that I had ever was totally YUMMO! The roll had cream cheese, salmon, jalapeno and a spicy sauce on top (the bottom was all sriracha sauce) and then all that deliciousness deep fried! whats not to love?!?!?!

Our waiter and hiabchi chef were awesome! I always love the little things that the chef''s do to catch the attention of their guests - and I don't know why but the steaming volcano is always exciting to me (maybe its just because I could never do that at home!)

We are very fortunate to have Katie and Jason as friends (and roomies for a few months) and we are excited for them to be parents! We can't wait to meet Molly (i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she decides to come when the doctor is scheduled at Grant so I can come and see her).

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