Sunday, January 17, 2010

Celebrations - Part 2

We knew that Saturday was going to be a big day for us... we had received WONDERFUL news that our friends Jason and Katie had their baby (just a 2 weeks early), we had tickets to the Blue Jackets game, and we were participating in my dad's surprise 50th birthday party... needless to say we had a FULL day of FUN!

We began our day at the hockey game. It was Justin's mom's work day at the hockey game, so we were able to meet a few people she worked with as well as watch a pretty exciting game. Although we lost 6-5 there was a lot of action for a hockey game.

We left the hockey game, came home to gather a few things and then headed to hospital to meet this little bundle of joy....
Molly Kay Garcia
I can't believe how much hair she has... she is absolutely perfect!
Here are Justin and I both holding her

I think I am still in awe about what happened next, Jason and Katie asked for me to be Molly's godmother. I feel honored and VERY humbled that they felt I would a good godparent for her. Its amazing how much love I have for this little girl, although I was excited for her arrival, I never thought she would be more perfect! CONGRATS Jason and Katie!

And of course the best part of a newborn is their tiny little feet


Aly said...

Great picture of you and Molly!! What a wonderful godmother you will be to her! :)

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Aww congratulations. Your goddaughter is perfect.