Friday, January 1, 2010


Sorry that I have been MIA lately with blogging... however we were out in Aspen snowboarding (and 1/2 of my family skiing) and we didn't have internet access. Although it was rough going without the computer (well really just blogging and facebook) I managed! Here are a few pictures (okay maybe a lot!) from the vacation

The view from our condo
Aspen Mountain (2 days)
Remember from my previous post where I saw Seal and he waved at me while I was taking his picture... well here is the picture I was taking (and I apologize because I am not technologically advanced... I don't know how to zoom in... but when I zoom in on my camera you can totally tell its him! ha) He is sitting down on the bench in front of the lift on the right!!

Buttermilk (1 day)
On our bus ride over to Buttermilk I sat next to a guy who worked there, and we were making small talk (because honestly, I can't sit quiet for 15 minutes) and we were talking about the different resorts. I knew that Buttermilk was home to the winter x games, but he was the one who encouraged me to go down the half pipe, only because I would have so much more appreciation for it when I watched it this winter... and let me tell you... I DO! those 22' walls are rediculous!!!

And the rest of these pictures could either be at Snowmass (where we spent 2 days), Buttermilk or Aspen - I just dont remember - whoops!
Brad and Laura
Alli and myself

Tour Of Dinners in Aspen

12/25: Mezzaluna
12/26 Jimmy's the only night we took pictures!
and everyone who comes into the resturant who's name is Jimmy gets to sign their name on the wall.... and this was right above our heads while we were waiting on dinner
12/27 Little Annie's
and this flag was just to the right of our table (this is just for you nonna - my grandma who lives in the villages)

12/28 Bentley's
We weren't overly hungry after eating a late lunch, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat... at a place who prides themselves on reasonable prices (which is a hard to come by in aspen!)
12/29 Su Casa
Call me crazy but I don't think Mexican food changes much from restaurant (unless your comparing Taco Bell to Abuelos) however this was DELICIOUS food! In addition to the amazing food the margaritas gave my sister a little liquid courage and she asked the waiter if he had ever seen goldie hawn.... well apparently he hadn't, but the last person to sit where my dad was sitting was Leeann Rimes! That was the closest celebrity sighting we had outside of Seal! and we didn't even see her my dad just made sure to wiggle a little bit more in his chair that night b/c the last person who sat there was famous!
12/30 Kenichi
The last night we had sushi.. and boy was it good! We also had spicy edamame and I think i might have to try and find a recipe and recreate it here... it was SO good!

After walking around downtown, our last night, it started to snow and here is a view from the city square looking up at the mountain

And not that I find any humor in this whatsoever because someone is obviously injured for this to occur.. but only in a ski town would you see this
Overall Aspen far exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the town, the boarding as well as the dinners with the fam - but I'm glad to be home and be with all of my friends as well as J!

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Miss I said...

Soooo....I know this comment is SUPER SUPER late. But I just found your blog (love it, by the way!). I live in Glenwood Springs which is like 45 minutes away from Aspen. I just thought I would tell you that we see Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (in Glenwood) pretty much every winter. They frequent the Wal-Mart in town. LOL, who would think that they shop there! So if your ever in town again, just hang out at Wal-Mart and i'm sure you'll have a sighting!