Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just some fun facts or weird facts about me and food

So I was thinking about all of my weird quirks today - and here are just a some of them I could think of.. Just a little bit more that you can learn about me....
  • I absolutely hate barbecue sauce.. can't stand it!
  • I cannot eat pulled meat (pulled pork, chicken, beef, ect) it just freaks me out that someone/machine has pulled the meat apart and the process and sound it must go through
  • I am highly grossed out about the thought of eating meat off the bone... i.e. chicken wings and ribs really through me over the edge
  • I wont eat meat out of a can.... and meat in a soup, you can pretty much just guarantee its going to end up in the trash immediately... it grosses me out that it has a shelf life... and its not refrigerated or frozen
  • I will not eat any lunch meat that has shine to it - you know that purplely/blue/greenish tint that ham, roast beef, pastermi has on it and sometime turkey... if I see it - game over - you can pretty much just forget about that meal
  • I hate tomatoes that come on fast food sandwiches - you might as well put sand on my sandwich.... I hate the grittiness!
  • I hate it when my food touches. If it touches i wont eat the two pieces of food that touched...
  • I will not eat a yogurt, use milk or anything that is within 2 days of its expiration date... what if they were wrong when labeling it, and I think I was scarred at a very young age with items that were close to or were expired...
  • I have never liked baked beans and never will - I think it has something to do with the BBQ sauce
  • I love homegrown tomatoes, Roma tomatoes or cherry tomatoes but I'm not a big fan of anything else - I completely have to be in the mood for ketchup and 9 times out of 10 I will just avoid it at all costs
  • The only vegetable that I don't really care for is sweet potatoes - there's just something funny about them, I continue to try them when my mom asks me to but when I'm 26 and still don't like something, I dont think I'm going to get over that taste issue
  • I love bananas and peaches but hate the artificial tastes (like in candies) but I dislike watermelon (i think its mainly texture and the only fruit i wont eat) but love the artificial tastes (bring on the watermelon jolly ranchers)

When my friends/family/co-workers find these thing out about me they laugh - but its me and who I am with my weird food issues!..... do you find any of these weird???


Lindsay said...

Okay, so I do find some of them a little weird. I love meat so all that meat stuff is pretty much opposite for me, except for the canned meat thing, I don't like that at all. My food always touches, in fact, I usually mix it together. It was one way I was able to eat my veggies growing up, hiding them in the mashed pototoes. I am sure I have some weird quirks too, I will have think of them. Thanks for sharing, it was entertaining.

Aly said...

Holy Cow, Linds!! You have some weird food quirks! To think I've known you for 6 years and never knew half of these is sad!!

Katie G said...

I think we talked about at least half of all of those on Saturday. Good thing you're a good friend, because you're a weirdo! j/k