Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy birthday Justin!

Happy 29th birthday babe!
I hope you had a wonderful day because you certainly deserve it!
I love you!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

things that i LOVE....

  • Fountain Diet Coke with Crushed Ice in a Styrofoam cup
  • country music
  • baby laughter
  • fresh clean sheets
  • reality tv
  • lip gloss
  • football
  • manicures and pedicures
  • sale racks
  • crafts
  • tostidos hint of lime chips
  • polka dots
  • luke donald and mike tomlin
  • southern accents
  • bubble bath OPI nailpolish
  • spicy black bean burgers
  • one strapped dresses
  • teen mom
  • bonfires
  • twitter
  • string cheese
  • fresh powder on the slopes
  • driving in the backroads
  • pinterest
  • christmas
  • party planning
  • euchre
  • hooded sweatshirts
  • sour patch watermelons
  • sleeping with the windows open
  • decorating for the different seasons
  • sharpie pens
  • tempo running shorts

What do you LOVE? do we have any similar interests?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's new....

This past weekend we went down to Dayton to Jimmy and Jess' house for the Real Daytonian Experience part dos

the girls
the boysI was in charge of bringing the fixings for s'mores
and of course I can't just make your typical ones
so I asked my friend Molly if she had any good recipes, and she sent me this link
UMMM hello delish!
So i decided to bring the fixings for a few of the different ones
Sunday we rushed back from Dayton just in time for Jenna's baby shower
Jenna {in the gray and pink dress} is due with Olivia in October, and our friend Shauna {in the black and pink} is due in 2 weeks, along with Jess and Aly
It was so good to see the girls I went to college with
Olivia is going to be one spoiled little girl {this is just 1/2 of her presents}
and Belinda did not miss a single detail of the shower

Last week I decided that I wanted to get feathers...
I know, I feel like I'm the last person to jump on the band wagon, however I wanted something different for my hair cut
I was going to get them last week at my hair appointment but she only had purple, red and green ones left, not very professional
So i made an appointment for Tuesday evening at 7:30, and I didn't tell anyone about it, because I just wanted to go and do it
So when Justin asked what we had planned for the night the conversation went a little like this:

L: I have an appointment at 7:30
J: What kind of appointment
L: A hair appointment
J: Didn't you just have a hair appointment last week?
L: yes, do you really want to know what I have an appointment for?
J: yes, just tell me
L: fine, i'm getting feather extensions in my hair
J: Like, feathers as in your going to look like an Indian?

I about DIED laughing.. I'm pretty sure that he pictured me coming out from the salon with a full out headdress on.. rather than the little tiny extensions that look more like highlights than feathers.

I happen to LOVE them! They are something subtle but different.

So thats what is new in my life... i LOVE our busy/crazy life and wouldn't change it for the world!

{I also love that I was able to link up to 4 different blogs within one post... I love how blogging has become such an integral part of not just my life but also some of my closest friends lives as well!}

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome Baby Charlie!

Tonight Justin and I went over to see our good family friends Rachel, Mike, Madison and their newest addition to their family Charlie.

We brought them dinner and Madison was so excited to see Justin, who she has nicknamed Toodles from MMC. She had already planned on Sunday that Toodles was going to sit next to her at the dinner table and was SO excited to see him when he walked in the door.

We brought Madison a new big sister gift too. Rachel and Mike have turned us onto Melissa and Doug toys. So I thought these cupcakes would be perfect her, and they surely kept her entertained for quite sometime.

I LOVE that Rachel and I grew up next to one another and now we have become even closer. I can't wait until the next time we can all get together!

Happy Thursday Eve or Friday Lovelies!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night Justin and I went on a double date with Karen and Coit and catch up with the newlyweds.
We decided to try out a restaurant in the short north called Hubbard Grill.
Although we had to ask what a few items were on the menu the food was delish!
A little different than your every day pasta meals, but it was really fresh and different

After dinner we decided to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL night and walk down to Jeni's ice cream.
Jeni's is known for their exotic flavors {Salty Caramel {my fave:)}, Bourbon Butter Pecan, Cranberry and Goat Cheese}, these are the specials this season
[don't you LOVE the handwriting? or am i the only freak that OBSESSES over peoples penmanship?]
yes, that says sweet corn with Black Raspberries.. Karin and I both tried it, it was a little too corny for me {pun intended!} but she liked it! you can try as many flavors as you would like before you make your final selection.
Karen and Coit

Justin and I

I love being able to go to the local places around Columbus. Its fun to try new and exciting restaurants around town. We already were plotting our next double date night together.

Happy Thursday!

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So What Wednesdays....

Its been a while since I have linked up with Shannon for

So what ...

..if I subscribe to the Big Brother news feed for twitter.. and I continue to watch the show 3 times a week even though I know what to expect on Sundays and Wednesdays

...I went to the grocery store for the first time last week since the beginning of July {sounds a little similar to my blogging schedule! ha!}

...I drive to the mailbox daily in hopes my Erin Condren planner will be here.. if its not here tomorrow, I may be calling customer service.. I'm getting impatient!

...After a rough day in the office last week, I contemplated being poor and a bum rather than having money with a job! I then realized I should be thankful to have a job

...I'm loving that wedding season has started, along with the showers and bachelorette parties that are included.

...if as soon as I got the clear that softball season was over I chucked our weeks packed with visiting of friends. I feel like I haven't been able to do this all summer

...I'm offended that Casey Anthony has been seen in a buckeye hat! Please please please don't kick us while were down!

...I'm trying to let some rude comments left on my reunions FB wall not affect me. Its been difficult to plan a high school reunion for a class of 500+ people. I'm fully aware that we are not going to please EVERYONE, however the hurtful words that are left towards the committee members have really bothered me. Next time I'm half tempted to let them plan the 15 year reunion.

... I'm stressing about finding time for a long run this weekend, sure hope I fit it in

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Head on over to Shannon's blog and let us all know what you are saying "so what to" this week!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you ready for some football????

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio I did what every rebellious child would do and routed for
that team up north Michigan
yes, I know I'll admit it
I watched one ESPN story on the Fab Five back in the early 90's and I donned the colors maize and blue for quite a few years
I also liked the Bengals....

...And then I finally I had a little sense knocked into me and realized I should be cheering for my beloved Buckeyes and the Cleveland Browns!

On Saturday its all about

I watch college game day religiously {maybe part of it is because I like Kirk Herbestreit}

We rock the scarlet and gray and adorn buckeye necklaces

We yell OH just to anticipating the response of someone else yelling IO

We dot the "i" in script Ohio

We brave the chilly weather for the later games
We tailgate before, during and after the game
and hopefully we cheer on the team to a victory

Trust me, being an OSU fan hasn't been easy in the past year. I will continue to stand by my team, and I'm hoping we can pick ourselves back up after last year! I'm ready to cheer on my buckeyes this year, and I will always support my team!

and on Sundays
its all about the BROWNS
and my fantasy football players
{please don't mind the dueces that I'm throwing up in this picture... I would like to think I have matured since then}

Head on over to Lindsey's blog and check out what other fellow bloggers LOVE about football and their traditions

It is less than 1 month away until kick off!
So excited for the fall to be here to root on my favorite teams!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kick off to Wedding Season

This past weekend Justin and I went to our first wedding of the season.

The rain held off for the outdoor ceremony

The bride's son was the ring barer and instead of a pillow he carried a softball with the rings attached

Announcing Mr and Mrs Harless
{A day I'm pretty sure all of us thought would never come.. including the groom!}

Justin and I at the reception

Jimmy and Jess
Congratulations Tom and Melissa! We are so honored that we were able to spend your special day with you two!

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Happy 30th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!

I couldn't ask for two more perfect role models of what an amazing relationship is all about!

I have learned from both of you that sometimes its just easier to just agree with Mom, to pick your battles, but most of all through thick and thin love always prevails and at the end of the day that is what is most important!

Growing up I was beyond disgusted that you two would dance around the kitchen and kiss one another, and although I'm still a little disgusted by the thought of my parents kissing, I'm just thankful that you two are still head over heels in love with one another.

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Cheers to many more:)

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