Monday, May 12, 2014

Love/Hate Relationship

... with running
Love: The satisfaction after a long run
Hate: Every step along the way
Love: Running starts your metabolism and you can eat... A LOT
Hate: When you stop running and so does your metabolism - but you still love to eat
Love: Running races to stay motivated
Hate: The money it costs to run a race
Love: The feeling you get after you work out, you swear you feel skinnier, look thinner and have a positive attitude 
Hate: When you try on those jeans that gave you a muffin top yesterday, and they STILL give you a muffin top

Love: Taking a 5 month break from running
Hate: Starting back up, regaining confidence that I can really do this again
Love: Being able to workout year round on a treadmill, and keep a consistent speed with a belt pushing you forward constantly... it's much easier.
Hate: When I get outside and I'm now not only running on solid (not moving) pavement, but dealing with elevation, wind, heat, ect. and I do not run as fast!
Love: Knowing that someone is taking pictures at the races.
Hate: Seeing the race picture - does anyone look cute while running?
I have run 7 half marathons, and competitively walked/ran a full marathon which is more than I ever expected to do in my lifetime.
So I suppose the loves on this list, do outweigh the hates.
But until all of my hates turn into loves, I will continue to run, and push through the next run.
My most recent 1/2 marathon, Cap City, May 3, 2014