Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bridal Shower #2 for Alli

Last Friday night Alli had her second bridal shower at our good family friend's house.
This shower was for Alli's friends, and family friends.

Jen and Mrs. B really out did themselves with all of the food. It was SO good!

These homemade desserts were seriously to die for delicious!!! I had a slice of the Carmel apple cheesecake.. holy amazing!
Mrs. K, Mom and Mindy

Alli's friends from college

Pat and Jodi, our other next door neighbors at my parents

The guest of honor and myself
Alli in her throne for the night

All of her gifts

Opening my gift... I think I was equally excited to give it to her as she was to open it!

Alli had noticed that her waffle iron had been taken off her registry back in June, and for sure thought either Doug or her would receive it for their birthdays, however, their birthday came and went, and still no waffle iron. Ironic that it was her last shower gift she opened of both showers that the waffle iron showed up, but with an apron, and waffle mix too!
Jen took a floral arts class in high school, and she did an amazing job on perfecting alli's bow bouquet for the rehearsal.

Alli's wedding party
All the girls
Mom and her two girls
It was another wonderful shower!
Alli is so fortunate to have so many people who are so excited for her big day!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bridal Shower #1 for Alli

Alli has also had 2 bridal showers thrown for her over the past few weeks as well. Needless to say, we are in the full swing of wedding events seeing that it is less than a month away!

Her first shower was thrown by our cousin's wife Melissa and hosted at her beautiful home. Melissa spared no details throughout the shower {even being 30 weeks pregnant!}

The amazing food table and guest of honor
the centerpiece and the favors for all of the guests
such a cute idea, little sucklings
the blushing bride and wedding cake martini
the delish cake from a local bakery

Doug's family who drove down from northern Ohio for the day
Alli was REALLY excited about this platter my aunt got her off of her registry
Doug made an appearance for what he thought was the end of the shower, little did he know that he would have to help open gifts!
The shower was on grandparents day, and Alli was beyond fortunate to have all 6 of her grandma's together on the same day
{2 great grandma's on either side of Alli}
And all of the girls
We were laughing about this picture with my mom, sister, grandma and great grandma, that they all looked like zoo animals and I looked like the zoo keeper of the group! ha!
Alli and the host!
{doesn't Melissa look amazing!!!}

Alli's rehearsal bouquet
Come back tomorrow for the friend's shower!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sister's Bachelorette Party: Peacock Themed

This weekend, I had the honor of co-hosting my sister's bachelorette party. I asked her to pick a theme for the evening and I would run with it!

When she decided on peacocks I couldn't be more excited about the theme..


All of her goodies
{the boa under the mantle was all of the girls pins to wear out for the night to show we were all together}

Alli had requested all of the girls to wear black, and she would wear white.

We all met at my parents house for appetizers, drinks and games.

After all the fun at my parent's house, we headed downtown to a dueling piano bar in the Arena District.

we finally got Alli up on stage to celebrate with the rest of the bachelorette's and birthday girls!
This fiddle player was simply AMAZING!

T-26 days until her big day!

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