Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, J and I were able to ring in the new year together! We arrived home around 7:30 (thanks to United who miscalculated when our flight attendants would be in for the second time in one trip!) in hopes to get to Joe and Amanda's house around 9:00 to celebrate the new year with our friends.

Well we had a little change in events, J had already warned us before we got home that Gingar wasn't doing very well. Gingar has been my family's cat since my last day of 4th grade, so over 18 years ago. He was an outdoor cat, who was very stubborn but very loyal to our family. My mom had done some research on what the cat my have before we left and looked as if he had some kind of heart failure, and we never wanted to see him suffer. Before we left on vacation, we realized that Gingar was doing okay, but pretty much assumed he wouldn't make it through the winter. Well we arrived home, and Gingar came to greet tried to greet my family but needed help from my dad he drank one sip of water, and then he layed down and passed right before my mom, dad and sister (i am not real good with watching someone/an animal pass) so I watched from a distance with J. It is just crazy to think that he waited for us to get home so we could see him one last time before he took his last breath...

The cat and I had a bittersweet relationship, and although I didnt realize how much his life had impacted mine, he will forever be missed. We had our own little ceremony NYE night with the whole family and J and we said our last words to our cat... he will never be forgot! LOVE YOU G!
Unfortunately, that was not how I planned to spend my NYE, burying my cat of 18 years, with my mom, dad, sister, and boyfriend. So we said our respects to the cat, and J and I knew we needed to pick up our friends and take them to Joe and Amanda's house for the party.

You can pretty much count on this group wanting to play Left Right Center when we are all together. Have ya'll ever played it? Its so much fun! You start with 3 one dollar bills in front of you. Exhibit A

and then you roll as many dice as dollar bills that you have (well up to 3 - so if you have 2 bills in front of you, you only roll 2 and if you have 7 bills in front of you - you can only roll 3). The dice have L (left), R (right), C (center).. or you can play with normal dotted dice (1 - right, 2 left, 3 - center), the LRC dice have dots on the other 3 sides and the dotted dice obviously have 4,5,and 6 on the other side -and if you roll any of those you don't loose any of your money on that dice. the object of the game is to be the last person with money in front of you. As long as you have money in front of you - you can roll the dice. the center always gets paid out first, and then you pay your right and left. but at any time you can get back in the game if a person on either side of you rolls a left or a right... so by the end of the game, you are cheering on the other people to either pass the money to the right or the left. Its a lot of fun with a big group of people. Please feel free to email me if you need a more specific set of instructions for this game!
The Grubers :)

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