Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What Wednesdays...

As I'm getting back into the routine of blogging
I also wanted to participate in one of my favorite link ups
with one of my favorite people {who just happens to be a blogger too}

So let's get down to the purpose of this post
What am I saying
So what to this week

So What Wednesday

So what if....

... I tried Greek yogurt for the first time.  I HATED it.  I think it tastes like chalk, it is thick, and has an awkward consistency.  I know its healthy, and I know its trendy, I just don't like it.

... All that I have wanted to wear as of lately is leggings, even to work.  Do you ever have those days/weeks/months, that you just think the world might be a little easier if you could just get away with a pair of comfy pants

...I don't quite understand Vine.  Sure everyone is doing it, but I'm not so sure I'm going to jump on the bandwagon.
...I couldn't find a kettle ball at the gym.  So I improvised with a medicine ball and a 10lb plate.  Not the safest thing this klutz could have done, but I did it.  And of course, as soon as I finished my 300 rep work out, I saw the kettle bells in a separate room.
... This past weekend in Holiday Valley, we left our condo. boarded/skied down to the base of the mountain to the bar...didn't like that bar.. went to the bar next door, had 2 drinks and then went home... when we had drinks at our place.  But hey.. we are always up for an adventure.
... It takes me an ENTIRE week to get through my Monday night shows.  Why do they ALL have to be on the same night? {Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Teen Mom2, Catfish, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Vanderpump Rules}
... I have absolutely NO interest in college basketball until March.  Up until then, its just squeaky shoes on gym floors.

So what are you saying
"So what to?"

Head on over to Shannon's blog and let us all know!

Until next time, Happy Wednesday friends!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Holiday Valley 2013

Do you have any family traditions?
One of ours is to go to Holiday Valley with my parents next door neighbors.
We started as a group of 9.. that has grown to 16 {including 2 kids!}

We had perfect weather this past weekend
{the whole group}
{down the run, Ballet}
{sunset/night skiing at the top of one of the hills}

every day the guys lay out all of our equipment
all of a sudden Alli and I looked up and saw the skis set up
it was a perfect set up for Teo'ing

our picture with Teo's girlfriend and friend

I hope you had an amazing weekend as well!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Thread Holder

The other day I needed to sew a pair of pants.. which prompted me to look for black thread..
.. which I found in a TANGLED mess in a ziplock baggie that I have used to hold my thread since my mom got me a sewing kit in college, 12 years ago.  {My dad got me a tool box and tools as a dorm room gift and my mom, a sewing kit! and I still use both to this day!}

So I saw this idea on pinterest to make a thread holder... I was determined that maybe by making this.. it would motivate me to clean up the rest of the craft room.

I went to home depot and picked up the following

A piece of scrap wood {I got this piece for $1.01 pre cut}
Picture Hanging Kit
Cinder Block Picture Hanger

First step is to stain your board
Then I started to tape of the chevron print.  I thought I could do this by hand

but then my OCD got the best of me and I decided to draw a grid on the board and use that as reference points to create my pattern

Then I painted the board white

The hardest part for me when doing a project like this is waiting for it to dry so I can see the results.  I painted this late night, and I didn't have time in the morning to pull back the tape.  Well that evening while I was at work at the golf course, I got a text message from Justin saying that they board looks really good.. he took some of the tape off.. EXCUSE ME? my hard labor.. I told him that he needed to stop so I can do the rest! Ha! {Territorial over my projects much?! whoops!}
 Then when I got home I was able to do the rest of the reveal myself.

Next steps is to use nails and hammer in at an angle where you want your thread to be.  Make sure to put them at an angle or else the spools could potentially fall off.

 I then attached picture hooks and picture wire to the back of the board so I could hang it in the basement.  I bought a kit at Home Depot.

 I then found a picture hanger in the wall hanging section that you could just hammer right into the cinder block {music to my ears that I didn't have to use a mortar bit again.. those things are intense!} and just like that my project was hung on the wall.

After making this project, I realized that it might not necessarily be the amount of thread that I have, but the size of the mess that gives me the most anxiety! Hopefully my ribbon obsession won't turn into a thread buying obsession as well!

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY Craft Room.. On a Budget

Think back before pinterest, and blogs of where you used to get ideas for decorating?
Magazines... {blasphemy.. i know they are so 4 years ago}
However, one day as I was going through a magazine, I came across a work station that I fell in love with, that I knew I needed to recreate for myself.

It had an oversized bulletin board that acted as an idea board {yes remember.. prior to pinterest}, with bright colors, and a usable space.  

I had an old table from college {yes the same one that Aly and I probably had many of late night nachos on from Taco Bell} and I decided to give it a facelift by sanding it down and painting it.

Secondly I went to the hardware store and bought a piece of particle board that was big enough to make a HUGE bulletin board.  I then used gorilla glue to attach pieces of cork, covered the cork with fabric, and framed it with trim.  With the help of Justin's dad, we were able to hang this bad boy on the wall.  {and when I say help of Justin's dad.. I really mean Jeff went to work with his electric nail gun and I just watched my vision come to life!}
I also took this chair from my grandma's house when we did the great large overhaul from moving her from a house to a condo a few years ago.  I kind of felt badly taking one chair from a set of 4 but she said I could.. so I did.  I recovered the base to correspond with the fabric on my bulletin board just using a staple gun.

So the basis of this craft table and bulletin board completely came together probably almost 2 years ago.  .. so why am I just now blogging about it?

Well you see, the craft table was very similar to some peoples at home treadmills/elliptical... a catch all for EVERYTHING.. clothes that needed to be hung to dry, extra fabric that I have bought too much of for a project, a bazillion spools of thread {which I later find out is not nearly a bazillion - more just a mess of unwound thread!}.. this weekend I decided that I was going to clean off my craft table, bust out some projects that I left unfinished and become productive.

First item of business.. Clean up this mess!

{Do you want to play eye spy from this picture?? Erin Condren stickers, 3 things of scotch tape, a golf club, about 10 baby outfits that were never given as gifts.. yes trust me it gives me anxiety looking at it too.. hence why I never tackled this damn room.. and avoided doing laundry because the washer and dryer are diagonal from this table}

I had purchased two curtain rods from Ikea a few years back, thinking they could potentially be useful for ribbon.  While in the store I envisioned them going horizontally, like a normal curtain rod, however when I got them home, I realized there was no where to put them horizontally, so I decided to find a stud in the wall and hang it vertically.  It works wonders.  I put straight pins at the end of all of my ribbons, so when I need one, I just pull the end of one ribbon.. the rest spin on the rod, but don't unravel.  This weekend though, I finally got around to putting up the second rod.  {and much to my chagrin, I realized that there were no more studs in the wall.. had to think outside the box, use anchors, and then screw in the fixtures from there.. I was feeling quite empowered by the time I had finished this project!} And yes, I'm fully aware, I have a small obsession with ribbon.

Next up.. organizing my fabric.  Apparently its not normal for someone who really doesn't use their sewing machine as much as they would like to have this much extra fabric.  My mom and sister informed me this weekend that I should try buying less fabric for projects... My response, have you ever stood in line at Joann's on a Saturday waiting for fabric to be cut?  Yea, thats what I thought, the last thing you want to do is turn around and go right back in to get more fabric!

I had always envisioned a cubical organizer downstairs.  Maybe replacing this shelving unit that I wrote into the contract when buying my condo.  But then that just seemed silly.  Why replace something that holds my cleaning supplies, detergent, and paper towels {yes I buy those in bulk, just like ribbon!}

My mom and I bought this 25 cube thing from Target when I first moved in nearly 6 years ago.  I had just never put this one together {we bought two, the other one holds my flip flop collection.. is collection the right term?}  I assembled this bad boy as well, and then started folding up and organizing my fabrics.  My aunt gave me this ENJOY sign as part of my housewarming gift and I finally have a perfect spot for it.  I might just need a spray paint and we will be good to go.

My other project I completed this weekend was this thread holder.  I will have a DIY up on tomorrow on how I went about making this.  

So now that I have this space cleaned up and ready to go.. who wants to find projects to make? Sewing? Crafting? Anyone?

Happy Tuesday friends, and thank you so much for the warm welcome back yesterday, I'm so happy to be back into a routine!! 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Let me introduce myself....

Hi there.. I'm Lindsey the once faithful blogger.

I decided it was the one thing I could cut out of my daily routine, without having severe consequences, however lately, I have been missing it, missing the friendships, the catching up with others, and having a way for my family and friends to catch up with what is going on with my life currently.

So after being asked by a few friends and family, still being invited to Columbus Blogger Meet Ups {and kind of feeling like I shouldn't necessarily be there since I don't blog on a daily basis}, and wanting to be able to stay in touch with others, I'm going to give this whole blog thing a whirl again.

I've got nothing to lose, and only catching up and friendships to gain?! right?!

So here's some quick deets about me since I have been gone:

  • Went on our family vacation down to Lake Norris with my family and my grandma came along with us this time too.  
  • Justin turned the dirty 30!
  • We went on a trip of a lifetime with our best friends, sailing on a private yacht around the Florida keys.  I think we needed a dose of reality once we came back home!
  • I ran {competitively walked} my first full marathon.  I now know what 26.2 miles feels like {A LONG FREAKING WAY!} and I'm going to start training again for another on this spring! I can't wait.
  • We just got back from our family vacation out west snowboarding/skiing.  This year we went to Breckinridge, Co and we had a great time!
  • Molly turned 3!
And even when I'm gone, most things have stayed consistent
  • I still love diet coke {sonic still is my absolute favorite treat!}
  • I'm addicted to instagram - lindseyhance and pinterest - lindsey hance
  • I am still running, as much as possible, I still don't love it but I do love the feeling I get after I finish an amazing run.
  • I am still trying new meals out at least once a week, in hopes that our weekly menus don't look boring and repetitive.  If they are a success.. you will see them on Make Me a Meal Monday.

What might change on zee blog:
  • More DIY projects
  • Outfit posts ???
  • Photography... My main New Years resolution is to really enjoy my nice camera - start using it to its full advantage!

I'm excited to re-start back on this blogging journey.  I can't wait to catch up with everyone again, and get back into a routine!

Happy Monday!