Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 95th Bday Grandma!

Happy 95th Birthday Grandma!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday, because you certainly deserve it!
We can't wait for you to make it back up to Ohio so we call all celebrate together :)

I look forward to our phone conversations,
whether its about
catching up with what is new with you,
learning about our family history,
quilting [okay fine, you quilting, me entertaining you while you quilt],
gossiping about theBachelor and Dancing with the stars,
helping you out with facebook
[yes you read that correctly, my great grandma, at 95 years old has FACEBOOK!]
or just shooting the breeze
i always get off of the phone smiling, because I know how fortunate I am to have you in my life!

You surely doing something right to be where you are today at 95,
It must be your dinners that consist of hot chocolate and graham crackers :)

Whatever it is, I surely hope I am 1/2 the woman that you are when I am your age!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Love you!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So what wednesdays....

So what...

I once heard a statistic that you are 75% less likely to get jumped if you are smiling... don't really know if this statistic is accurate but i'm surely not going to be one of the 25% that finds out... so I always smile while walking down the street in downtown

i didn't realize that Justin was out of shaving cream until I realized that he had my skintamate shave gel sitting out on the counter... sorry bubs! Since then I have purchased some manly Edge shave gel for the kid - no worries!

last night was the season finale of Biggest Loser and its the first time that I didn't cry during an episode.. and i'm a little surprised that they didn't make a bigger deal out of Jillian leaving
[and oh yea, if i was Curtis Stone, I would be calling Hannah up! holla at the hottie!]

i like Lady Gaga's new song

my co-workers hubby told her the other day that although i may seem polished on the outside, deep down inside I have a little hillbilly in me... and I would totally agree with him! i actually loved the comment and took it as a compliment!

if i downloaded Brad Paisley's new album and its pretty much the ONLY thing i have listened to in the last few days! i lovey it! esp the song camouflage

i once dated a guy in high school who drove a yellow ford splash with the license plate "Git U Wet" for some reason, my parents didn't appreciate it being in our driveway. I guess i didn't understand at the time, but now i do. Sorry mom and dad!

i really didn't want to serve a guy at the course the other day b/c he had on flip flops and socks! seriously - i have a huge aversion to this.. like it makes me queezy, uncomfortable, i can't even think about looking at it with out getting heebie jeebies!

if i ate 2 burgers last night and Justin only ate 1 1/2, so what, they were good... and they were turkey burgers [that should count for something - right?!]

so what are you saying so what to?
head on over to Mama Dew's blog and link up!

Just a reminder for all of you participating in the Pour Some Summer on Me blog swap, your goodies before the 28th!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feeling lucky

I have been SO lucky to win a few giveaways over the past few weeks that will help me decorate my condo.

I won Mama Laughlin's Twist of Dazzle 400 follower giveaway.
I seriously checked her blog about 100 times that morning to see if I won or not - I had high hopes for a fleur de lis for my spare bedroom, and boy was I excited to see my name on her blog!

I have to say both Camie and Kristen were so easy to work with and dealt with all of my questions regarding my options with my cross/fleur de lis and it came out so much better than what I imagined.

It is just what my room needed as a focal point when you walk in the door!
And then about a month ago I won Taylor from Undomestic Momma's giveaway

I have always wanted a "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign for my house, but now that I have received one, I am trying to find the perfect place for it in my house.

I feel so fortunate to have won both of the blogs and I will think of both blogs/blogging every time I see these up in my house.

Thanks again girls and thanks to the amazing sponsors to your blogs!

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Swap Partners - Pour Some Summer on Me

Below is the list of swap partners for the 'Pour some Summer on Me' blog swap!!!

(Hint: If you need help finding your name (We had 86 entries) hold ctrl+f and type your name in the box and it will appear a lot quicker versus skimming that list)

1.Aly @ Analyze This 49.Michelle(michabella) @ Living a Life of Love

2.Valerie @ Beautiful Beginnings 78.Savanah @ What Makes Savanah Smile

3.Molly @ The Fuschia News 14.Ashley @ Pumpkin Butter

4.Kindra @ Keeping Up With Kindra 36.Lindsey @ Lovin My Life

5.Jenn @ Perfectly Imperfect 37.Jenn @ West Sac Honey

6.Sarah @ Life's Short...Poupard 32.Niki @ The Biker and The Baker

7.Angie @ Just Shy of a Y 8. Lacey @ Bugs and Kisses

9.Allison @ What Would Martha Stewart Do 59.Ashley @ Life after the Aisle

10.MJ @ Teaching in Heels 20.Chelsea @ Hello Miss Chelsea

11.Kodi @ BeVelle Boulevard 50.Jess @ First Comes Love

12.Joanna @ Dance and Dream 39.becky @ the good life

13.Jennifer @ Books, Recipes & Life, OH MY! 57.Claudia @ Claudia Confesses

15.Christina @ Skip to my Lou... 52.Bex @ How to Train Your Husband

16.Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road 18.Becky @ The Branches

17.Whitney @ Pretty Whitty 62.Ashley @ EveryDay Blessings

19.Tiffany @ Starting Over 68.A Geek's Wife And Her Dog

21.Rachel @ Romancing Rachel 67.Lori @ My Life

22.Jennifer @ Growing With the Greens 69.Kelly@Life in the South

23.Mateya @ The Best Is Yet to Come 29.Krystal @ Krystal's Kitsch

24.Lyndse@I was born a red dirt girl 61.Steph @ Nursing In Red Stilettos

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34.Steph @ A Professor's Wife 35.Lindsi @ Keeping the Home Fire Burning

38.Janna @ Happiness Journey 33.Holly @ Running in Stilettos

40.Jacqueline @ Jax and Marbles 83.Rachel @ Champagne and Mud

42.Jessica @ A Bunch of My Nonsense 70.Audra Kate@ A Southern Girl in Heels and Pearls

43.Janette @ The Johanson Journey 81.Kylee @ Uppercase Diva

44.The Holmes Home 73.Emily @ Just to Keep In Touch

45.Rachel @Shepherd's Daughter 82.Samantha @ Life is Better Blonde

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47.Lindsay @ Undomestic Chica 76.Rachel @ Observations of a Token Yankee

48.Lauren @ I learned it there first 54.Jen @ Just Jennifer

51.Tricia @ Flip Flops and Guinness 74.Kristen @ A Kapple a Day

53.Katie @ Katie's Journey 85.Caroline @ Simply Smithwick

55.Arika @ Pink, Pearls, and Polka Dots 79.Jennifer @ Mr. and Mrs. Boots

58.melanee @ the warren wire 66.Katie @ Katie Lately

60.Sara @ Words to Run By 84.Elisabeth @ The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth

64.Jennifer@Life With the Haas 80.Wendy @ Ready For Take Off

71.Ashley @ Ashley Borysewich Blog 75.Marie @ PoutyPinkPrincess

72.Katie @ Life With the Dietrich's 86.Molly @ A Day in MollyWood
Please purchase your Summer themed items with a spending amount of $25 (not including shipping). Some ideas include, but are not limited to: flip flops, beach towel, sun tan lotion, magazines, favorite drink recipe, cocktail glasses, sunglasses, nailpolish, etc!
(If you are sending nail polish or sun tan lotion, PLEASE wrap it up and place in a sealed zip loc bag!!!)

All items MUST be mailed between Tuesday, May 24th - Saturday, May 28th . We will post a link-up party on Thursday, June 2nd for everyone to reveal their goodies they received!

Have fun shopping!!! :)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Pour Some Summer on Me {Blog Swap}

Pour Some Summer on Me
Shirts required, water prohibited

Let's kick off summer with a FABULOUS blog swap hosted by:
Lindsey @ Lovin' My Life

The Nitty Gritty

Sign up by adding your blog to the Simply Linked below. Please include with your first name @ blog name
under "Link Title" Example: Jane @ Jane Smith Blog.
(We will close the sign up post on Tuesday, May 17th)

'Pour Some Summer on Me' partners will be revealed on Wednesday, May 18th on the blogs hosting the swap!

Please purchase your Summer themed items with a spending amount of $25 (not including shipping). Some ideas include, but are not limited to: flip flops, beach towel, sun tan lotion, magazines, favorite drink recipe, cocktail glasses, sunglasses, nailpolish, etc!
(If you are sending nail polish or sun tan lotion, PLEASE wrap it up and place in a sealed zip lock bag!!!)

All items MUST be mailed between Tuesday, March 24th - Saturday, May 28th, March . We will post a link-up party on Thursday, June 2nd for everyone to reveal their goodies they received!

Grab the button and display on your sidebar!!!

{only open to US residents at this time}

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Defeated by my IT band

For the past 3 months I have been training for a 1/2 marathon
Diligent with my runs throughout the week, and the long runs
And I completed a 10 mile race a few weeks ago at a better pace than ever before

Needless to say I felt as if I was ready for this race
I was excited

Saturday was the Capital City 1/2 marathon
it was a perfect day!
50 degrees in the morning, a slight breeze
every runners dream to set out to complete a long run

Well it all started out well
Started in my corral w/ Justin. [We joked around that we know know what a cow feels like prior to the slaughter house.. ]
Our group was called and we were off
I was in my groove, set my own pace, even through the grueling up hill initial 2.5 miles
I passed my mom and dad at mile marker 3
They asked where Justin was and I jokingly said behind me
And then right before I was about to see my grandparents at mile marker 5
My knee started throbbing on the outside, and Justin passed me

I pushed through the 5 mile marker because I told myself my grandparents didn't come out here to see me walk, they came out here to cheer me on for a RUN!
I passed them, and pushed to the next bathroom stop
[I realized that there was such thing as over hydrating and I NEEDED to stop!]
I waited for at least 10 minutes to use one of the 2 restrooms that they had at the 5.5 marker
[ummm hello, you have 12,000 people running a race, and you only have 2 porta johns during the race but you have 987386 at the start?! definitely was not happy about that!]
When I went to run again, my leg/knee had completely tightened up

My friends passed me and I told them that my knee hurt and Ashley told me it was my IT band [Iliotibial band] and it wasn't going to get any better
Great! I didn't train to quit.. I told myself I would power walk until I saw the next medic station

The next medic station wasn't until about the 7 mile marker
I was excited to see someone from the medical field
I asked the guy from the Red Cross, if there were any stretches I could do to help my pain
his response
"Not that I know of, are you used to running this much?"
[In my head I wanted to say, Yes, dip shit , sir, I didn't just wake up this morning and decide that it was nice out and I wanted to run 13.1 miles for the hell of it]
I responded "Yes" I'm sure he could tell I was annoyed
He then said, "well I really don't know what to tell you, but I can give you ice"
[Seriousy dude, you want to give me ice, do you not know i'm at mile marker 7 and I've got to get to 13.1, no thanks!]
I said, no thanks, gave him an evil look and proceeded to walk

I tried to push myself every now and then to run through intersections or when I thought maybe I could push through the pain
But it just wasn't going to happen

I watched the pace setters run by me. It was heart breaking to watch the 2 hr 30 min time run by me, that was ideally what I wanted to run the entire thing in
then the 2 hr 45 min sign

By this time, I knew how close I was to the end, there was a part of me that wanted to cut off the race track and head to the hospital that I work at to see if there were any physical therapist available that could help me [anything had to be better than mr. american red cross]
I decided to just push through it and finish, i didn't come out here to quit, even if i had to walk through the finish line

So i continued to walk, I walked about 8 miles
Not how I anticipated on finishing/completing the race

I finally finished the race, and found justin waiting for me
He did SO well, and I was so excited for him, but all I could do was cry
I was in so much pain from my leg, and I felt defeated, all I wanted to do was run the entire race, beat last years time, and prove to myself that i CAN complete an entire 1/2 marathon
but my body proved me wrong
I'm glad that I didn't give up and that i pushed through it, however, I felt defeated

People would ask me how the race went, and I said, well Justin did really well, and I got hurt, and left it at that
I just wanted to tell people that I ran it in under 2 hrs 30 minutes, but that wasn't the case

Yesterday in the office, my co-worker looked up my time, and when he told me that I finished in 2 hrs 52 min, I was pretty much shocked! Only because it was 4 minutes faster than last year [and last year I ran MUCH more of the race].

I feel slightly okay with the face that I had to walk the race, only because I did do what I set out to do initially - beat last years time!

I've learned a lot during this race, mainly I have to listen to my body, and know when to push it and when back off... no one knows your body like you do! Know whats best for you!

So now I'm working on stretches and rolling my IT band, and taking a week or two off before I get back into training for my next 1/2 in August! There are many more races to be run and I can't wait to get back out there and prove to myself that I am able to do this!!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

Last week Kelly from Keeping up with Kelly tagged me to do a little survey about my favorite things!

I thought this was a great way for some of my newer followers to get to know me [if your new, please let me know by leaving a comment and tell me something about you, or something that you love!! I love to getting to know my followers :)]

[1.] My family

I think its safe to say that even though my family is not a "thing" they mean the world to me! I think your family gives you a foundation of who you are, and you make yourself out of the foundation. I have come to realize that over the years, I am VERY fortunate to have such a strong relationship with my family. I look forward to getting together every Sunday, its a way for us all to stay connected, and I thoroughly enjoy the company.

Although Alli and I have not always had the most "my sister is my best friend" type of a relationship, I believe through the past few years we have become much closer, and I can think we can attribute this to the boys! Somehow Justin and Doug, make us appreciate each other more! ha! and to that i'm very thankful to as well. The boys have come into our family and have pretty much made our family of 4 now 6 and I LOVE it!!

[2.] My phone

I hate that this is my 2nd most favorite item, but honestly it is my lifeline! I have an iPhone - and I would be lost without it. I obviously use it for a phone, text, and email, but it seriously keeps me connected with the world. Between a game of Words With Friends, Twitter, Angry Birds, Sky Burger, updates on the latest sports scores, keeping track of my runs, an ipod... seriously - what is not to love about her??? And yes, it is a her, and her name is Bella, which is short of Isabella the iPhone. [I'm still a little jealous of a co-worker who came up with the name Fiona, as in Fiona Apple, for her phone! 10 pts for creativity goes to MaryBeth!]

[3.] My T-Shirt Quilt

My great grandma and grandma make amazing quilts. I had always wanted to make a quilt with them but never really needed one. However, when i graduated college, rather than making a t-shirt blanket with all of my sorority shirts, I thought I would make a quilt, and ask my great grandma to help me. I thoroughly enjoyed going over every Tuesday evening one summer and quilting with her. Every time I look at the quilt it brings back both college memories and the time we spent together during the summer making this masterpiece.

[4.] Hint of Lime Tositos and Sour Patch Watermelons
It is a good trip to the grocery store if I can get out of there without treating myself to 1 of these two items. I honestly eat very healthy, however these 2 items are seriously my weakness! its horrible!


[5.] The Ohio State Buckeyes

I think its more of a religion than a team here in Columbus, Ohio, to love the buckeyes. I'm a little anxious about this season, however, I'm still looking forward to fall, and the anticipation of another great season from our beloved buckeyes!

[6.] Restaurant Ranch Dressing

I don't know what it is about restaurant ranch dressing, but its SO much better than anything you can buy at the grocery store. My friend Jaci and I will debate where we go to dinner at times based off of the salad dressings. Its a toss up between Red Robin and Texas Roadhouse for the best ranch dressing. Do you have a favorite?!?

[7.] Snowboarding

I love snowboarding, it is something that we can do as a family and its something I hope to do one day with my family as well.

Dropping into the half pipe at Buttermilk in Aspen last year
[this is the one used for the XGames]
[and no, i'm not that good, I just went down the middle of it and screamed like a little girl with excitement!]

[8.] Diet Coke

I would be lost without diet coke. But I'll lay it all out there for you, a fountain diet coke, in a Styrofoam cup with chipped ice, is my ABSOLUTE favorite! its honestly heaven in a cup to me! It is a special treat when I drive by a Sonic and pick myself up a Route 44 Diet Coke with EZ ice.

[9.] Christmas

There is just something about Christmas that just makes me absolutely giddy 24/7. I love the season. People are filled with cheer, there is music on specifically for this holiday, houses are decorated to look more like homes, families gather together, and you get to give lots of presents. I just LOVE it! I wish it could be Christmas ALL year round!

[10.] Baby Names

I love thinking up baby names. I love unique names, however I don't want them to be so far out in left field that my child will be looked at funny when his name is called on the first day of school, however I want them to be a one of a kind in their classroom! My list is constantly changing, but I have names right now that I'm pretty much OVER the moon excited about!

[11.] Vacations

After getting back from our cruise, I think Justin and I both realized that we may need to plan more vacations. it was SO nice to just be the two of us, and not have a care in the world, just relaxing. I'm ready to go back!? Who's coming with us!
[12.] Running

Although I mainly dread going to the gym, or hitting the pavement, and I really hate going for a run when I'm out there, the sense of accomplishment once I finish a long run/race is totally worth it all. We are signed up for the 1/2 marathon on Saturday and I'm so ready to start the race and more importantly ready to finish it. I just want to beat my time from last year!
[13.] Blogging Friends

I LOVE my blogging friends. Its amazing how supportive everyone is to one another. I think its amazing that here we are, all over the US, and we have gotten to know one another through our daily chronicles that we share via an electronic diary. I think there is a sense of community that we get as a blogger, that others don't understand unless they are into blogging as well. I appreciate the friendships that I have made/built over the last year and a half more than I ever thought I would. I originally started blogging just to link up to Kelly's Korner SUYL series, and it has become so much more! and for that I am forever thankful!

So now that you know a few things that I love, I want to hear what you LOVE!

Jess First Comes Love
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Brittany Sweet and Sassy and Oh So Classy
Sonja For the Love of Stilettos
Emily The Simple Frills
Stephanie The Professors Wife
Jenny Life, Love and Marathons
Holly Running in Stilettos

Happy Thursday Blog Friends!!!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So what wednesdays...

... that i keep tweezers in the car only to pluck my eye brows when i'm sitting at a red light! hey, the natural sunlight is the best time for me to pluck [and sometimes the ONLY time!]
... watching the video in this post makes me laugh every time i watch it!
... i'm wearing a dress today to work, only because i haven't done laundry and i have no clean pants
... i have blogged twice in 1 day! EEK! i think the last time this happened was last february! i've been a serious blog slacker lately! [with that being said, don't forget to check out the adorableness of Molly and Dom below!]
... i bought my first pair of skinny jeans 2 weekends ago and i'm kind of addicted to them! never thought my thunder thighs would end up in a pair, but i really kind of like them! sign me up for more please
... i'm excited to go home and pick up my house! we have nothing going on tonight [well i'm going to go ahead and assume that softball is canceled thanks to mother nature!] its the little things in life
... if i broke back out my winter coat this week! its freezing - below 50, rainy and windy.. i.e. cold and miserable! Gross! C'mon Mother Nature - it is MAY!!
... i haven't run over 10 miles in my training for the half which is this weekend. i figure if i get through 10, its all in my head and i can run another 5 k! we will see how that goes! ha!
... i will seriously be MIFFED if it is raining on saturday - i have already run one 1/2 marathon in the rain and it was complete and total MIZ! I don't want to run another one in the pouring down cold rain

Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!
What are you saying "so what to" today?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Molly's Little Brother - Dom!!!

Tonight we went over to meet Domingo "Dom", Molly's little brother.
She LOVES him, and will go over to him and give him lots and lots of kisses.
She even calls him "bubba", in the most sweet little quiet voice. It is seriously the most adorable thing ever!
I'm pretty sure she is just as smitten as the rest of us!
The little peanut
with all that hair i had to give him a mohawk
I gave Molly a "big sister present" and she thought it was more fun to use the bucket as a hat! ha!

You say "Hello, Molly" and she puts it up to her ear, she looks so serious and grown up
and she also figured out how to work my ipod on my phone without unlocking it [i don't even know how to do that]
I love this video of her dancing to Lil Wayne [yes she also figured out how to shuffle the phone]

Even though Molly was up 2 1/2 hours past her bedtime, she was so good, and being such a ham! I love seeing all of her rolls, its hard to believe that just 15 months ago she was the size of Dom!
Congrats Katie and Jason!
Dom is perfect, and Molly is the perfect big sister who LOVES her bubby!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cake Pop Tutorial and Beckett's birthday

The past few days I have learned the ins and outs on how to make cake pops.
I thought I would share a few tricks of the trade of what I have found to work.

I made 2 types of pops for Beckett's first birthday party
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Oreo Truffle Pops
Cake Mix
[all the ingredients needed for the cake]
Candy Coating
Lollipop sticks
[what they don't tell you about red velvet cake, is that it stains your hands red - be careful :)]

Oreo Truffles
1 block of cream cheese
Candy Coating
Lollipop sticks

Cake Pops
1. Bake the cake per the box directions
2. Cut the cake up into crumbles [after the cake is completely cool]
3. Add icing, I have used only 1/2 of the tub, remember you can always add more
4. it should be a dense texture, but not too mushy
Oreo Pops
1. Put the entire package of oreos in the food processor
2. Pulse into small crumbs
3. Add block of cream cheese
4. Mix in the block of cream cheese
[these are absolutely delish!!]

Place both of the mixtures into the freezers for 10 minutes

Roll the cool mixture into balls
Melt a little bit of the candy coating
Dip the end of the Lollipop sticks in the candy coating
Stick the Lollipop sticks into the balls
Once all of the sticks have been placed into the balls, place the cake pops back into the freezer for 10 minutes to solidify the candy coating
Melt the rest of the candy coating
you can use paraffin wax, however, I have never been able to find it and crisco works the same - i just use a very little amount and spread it over the candy coating, this helps the candy coating not "sweat" when the pops are not being refrigerated
I take the melted candy coating and place it into my liquid measuring cup so that it is just a one deep dunk with the cake pops.
Dunk the cake ball into the candy coating
Allow all of the excess candy coating drip off of the cake pop
And then turn the cake pop right side up to dry
[please excuse my attempt at making a cake ball holder, i.e. my left over scrap from my craft room - that i drilled a bunch of holes in]
i topped the different cake pops to differentiate them, the oreo truffles, i kept a few of the crumbs to sprinkle on top, and the red velvet cake i topped with a spiral
the finished products in the bucket for Beckett's birthday
Lauren did not disappoint with her party planning either!

And here is the birthday boy!
I have never seen a little one go after his smash cake quite like Beckett - he went in with 2 hands!
and this picture makes me laugh every time I see it!
its as if he is "sugar drunk!"

Happy Birthday Beckett! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I can't believe its been a year since I wrote about you being born!

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