Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank YOU!

Thank you SO much for all the kind words that were left on my post yesterday about my grandma, every comment meant so much to me and it made me even more proud to be her great granddaughter.

As I sat and read each of the comments that were left on my blog, through the welling up of tears in my eyes, I realized that every comment that was left, and every person who read my post is the reason that I blog.

Before yesterday if someone would have asked me why I blogged, I would say it was for my great grandma and grandma in florida so they can keep up with what I am doing here in Ohio.
But after yesterday, I realized there was more than just that...

Blogging is a community, one that I belong to,
and one that i LOVE!

While I have never met most of you who read my blog
and we have only corresponded via emails, gchat, twitter, or a text
I felt so much support yesterday from those of you who I have met through blogging.

I have found that the blogging community is one of the most supportive, encouraging and uplifting outlets that I have ever been a part of.
I have played on a golf team in high school, participated in plenty of committees through school, work and the community, joined a sorority in college and somehow I feel some of the most genuine support through my blog.
Its as if through blogging I have my own circle of friends, and a place where I feel as if people take you for who you are at face value and people who accept you for who you are, which is something that I appreciate more than I typically put into words.

I am aware that I am not the worlds best writer. Heck I probably don't use punctuation where I should, and I have run-on sentences more often than not, and when in doubt whether something should be a period or a comma, I normally insert a simple "..." and go about my typing, {and I'm fully aware that Mom you are reading this and I will have a simple writing lesson at the next Sunday dinner} but the fact of the matter is, some of you, most of you can look past that in my blogging, and you still continue to read it.
And I thank you for that.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community, and thank you for the support you have given me during the last few days, when I feel as if I have needed it the most.

Every little comment meant the world to me, and I appreciate it more than you know!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heaven received a new angel today...

my great grandma went to be with my great grandpa this afternoon.
She has been battling pancreatic cancer for the last few months
and she is one of the strongest people I have ever met.

I am so fortunate to have known my grandma for 28 years of my life
during her 95 years here on earth

{she was SO mad that I made her sit in her walker for my sisters wedding while I wheeled her up to the reception.. she was even more mad that the photographer captured a picture! but i am SO thankful he did!!!}

when I look back over my fondest memories these are a few that come to mind:

making my t-shirt quilt together the summer after I graduated college
her love for Texas Roadhouse
her always giving me a "peace out" when i left, rather than a wave good-bye
her love for The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars
my phone conversations with her on my drives home from the office
her constantly giving me a hard time if I hadn't post on my blog for a while
always tapping her on the top of her head regardless if she had just gotten her hair done
her always telling me that "life is not fair, and I can't retire yet"

{myself, my great grandma, my mom, sister and grandma at Alli's wedding shower this fall}

she is the person that have always bragged about with her ability to use a computer and not be afraid of it when she is 95 years old
her ability was not just limited to a game of solitaire {which she happened to LOVE}, but also getting on Facebook, reading my blog, and previously used to chat with her sister every day at 8am through AIM.
so when people tell me they are too old to use a computer, I tell them about my grandma!

I will miss the little memories most about my great grandma
but so fortunate to have so many fun and wonderful ones that I have.

she was one of the most independent and stubborn person I have ever met
but I truly believe she is part of the reason I am such an independent person myself
She was a first born female, along with my grandma, my mother and myself

It always drove my sister crazy when we wanted to get a picture of the 4 first born generations.. and then we would always follow it up with all the girls and include my sister

I think my sister said it best when she said, I prayed to Grandpa last night telling him he better be ready because Grandma was about to join him again!

Her presence will be greatly missed but her memories will live on forever.

Rest in peace Grandma!
I love you!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So What Wednesdays...

So What ...

if we went to On the Border on Monday night {i had a craving for chips and salsa, and Jaci had one for guacamole}... so we both ordered, and Jaci's guac was made table side.... and when the waitress placed the bowl of guac on the table, we all dug in with the biggest chip we could find.. and quickly we realized it was THE WORST guac we had ever tasted... we ended up asking for more cilantro, more limes, adding some of Justin's beer, and salsa and making it ourselves.. still with all that added it was okay....needless to say, if you are craving good guacamole your best bet is to go to Chipotle!

if I wear my hair in a poof about 95% of the time... I was courageous last hair cut and got cute with bangs.... well I should have known my Italian self couldn't keep my hands away from my face and bangs throughout the day... if I wear them down, it ends up being a big greasy mess by the end of the day

if I had the day off of Monday and the entire day was spent returning previous purchases and shopping!

if on Monday I purchased a pair of nude shoes thanks to AP talking up Payless and the fact they were $8.99 on twitter and on her blog.. to only land myself in the ghetto of Columbus. When I got there my shoes were $16.99 unless I participated in the b1g1 1/2 sale... so they got me hook line and sinker... i found another pair of suede red round toe wedges that were cute... took them up to the register and checked out. While sitting at a stop light I realized I had just paid $38 for 2 pairs of shoes at payless that I didn't really need. So I continued driving in the hood... and found another payless within 5 minutes of the last store and promptly returned both pairs.

if I'm writing this at my kitchen table and I should have been out the door 5 minutes ago... I mean work can wait? right?

Happy Wednesday Lovies!!!