Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy YUM!

I would love for restrauant week to be EVERY week, however I'm not so sure that my waist line and budget would be able to afford it. I was literally counting down the hours today at work to when I was going to get to Polaris Grill for dinner tonight. My mouth watered every time I thought about my blackened chicken dinner that I was going to get to enjoy every bite of tonight! and trust me I did. At each location you get a 3 course meal and below are pictures of what I chose for tonights dinner

55 House Salad with my dressing on the side

Blacked Chicken with tasso ham sauteed mushroom with bearnaise sauce served with a cheddar cheese grit cake (it sounds delicious doesn't it! now ya'll know why I have been looking forward to this meal for a few weeks now!)

Upside down pinapple cake... not my best selection of the evening....
Justin, myself, Molly and Louie after dinner

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