Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little bit of this... and a little bit of that type of a weekend

Its hard to believe its Sunday night already (why is it that the weekends go by so fast!) It has been a non-stop weekend.

Saturday I went to a baby shower for our good friend Lauren. It was at her mom's house, and it was amazing. Lauren always jokes that I should probably be Ruth's daughter, because we are so much alike when throwing parties... I just like to think that there are others out there that enjoy planning large events as much as I do!

I was so excited when I walked into the shower to see petite fours... I know that they are big in the south, and I only know of them via blogs, however I tried my first one on Saturday (yes, I totally know they are not on my diet!) and yum were they delicious! It does not hurt that they were made by Schneiders, a small bakery in Westerville.

Here are all of the gifts that were brought to the shower for Marshall, Lauren and Mike!

The nursery is all under the water themed, hence the under the water themed diaper cakes

And here is where Ruth (Lauren's mom) and I differ, she made this amazing quilt for Marshall, (the only quilt that I will ever make is under the strict guidance of my great grandma!) The quilt she made is of Walter, the family cat.

This morning I started my day off by meeting up with Ashley, Aly, and Kush at Mimi's cafe. I would have LOVED to take a picture however someone wasn't cooperating (I will not name any names - but next time she will be prepared for blog pictures, even if it is on a Sunday!)

I then headed over to church after wards to help out in the nursery. My sister and I help out once a month, which is a nice way to give back to what the church has given us over so many years.

After church, Alli and I went over to my parents house to clean out our rooms... and let me tell you - there as a LOT of stuff. My thought going into this afternoon was, I haven't needed it in the past 3 years, why would I need it now... but somehow I still ended up with this much stuff coming home with me (let me tell you how thrilled JM was about this!)

I was lucky to get out with just that much!

As if I didn't bring enough stuff/crap home with my from my parents, I headed out with my friend Jen to Bed, Bath and Beyond and to Homegoods/Marshalls, to get a wedding shower gift, and a scarf for my upcoming scarf exchange. Well the good news is that I walked out of BB&B with just a gift for the bride to be... the bad news is that Homegoods/Marshalls that was not the case.... but I could not allow myself to pass up new pictures for my foyer. I settled on these pictures when I first moved into my place (they looked similiar to what the previous owner had - and I found them on sale - so I went with them, but they have never really grown on me)

So when I saw these I new that they just HAD to come home with me and replace these boring pictures - they match my place so much better, they have polka dots and they were only $15.99 a piece - whats not to love about them?!? What do you think, was it a good purchase?
So its now getting later on Sunday evening, we are watching the rest of the playoff game before heading to bed... and maybe I'll start putting away all of my newly acquired items from my parents! ha!

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Aly said...

I love the pictures in your foyer! Great "pops" of color! Too cute!

Breakfast was wonderful and just curious, did you get some sausage?!

See you soon my friend....see you soon! Xoxo