Thursday, January 28, 2010

Show us your life - Fashion Tips

I am definitely not someone who is "proud" of my style... but its me, its who I am, its what I am comfortable in.. and most of all its VERY simple!

Here are my winter staples... I have a few of these - simple cotton black dresses, this one is my favorite, it has an elastic band under the bust.. its very simple, and you can either dress it up tall black boots or dress it down with Ugg boots. (Since ya'll have asked - this dress is from New York and Company)

There are not many outfits that I don't wear a scarf.... not only is it a great accessory, but it also hides the girls when needed in a low cut shirt! Thank goodness they are in style (well at least I think they are still in style) because they give me so many more options for outfits

As of last year I had one of these lovely long sleeve white tee shirts... as of now - I have at least 5 of them... I swear I wear them at least 3 or 4 times a week under short sleeve sweaters. Because of the beaut (a long sleeve fitted white tee) I am able to extend my wardrobe by 50%. It also looks cute under short sleeve tee's as well... I wear them just plain or with a vest over top... its all about the layering. I love layering UNTIL its laundry time..

And my last MUST have for the winter... my gray Uggs. I LOVE the color gray this season - and these wonderful shoes allow me to dress down a pair of jeans or dress.
So there is my simple/boring fashion tips... I think a few staple items can make or break a wardrobe... and these would definately be my staples!

Visit other blogs ideas of fashion tips by visiting Kelly's Korner. What are your winter staple items?

Have a great Friday Bloggers :)


Kristine said...

I really love my UGG knockoffs...they are so comfortable and quick to put on and with 4 kids I need that! I have had fun with scarves too and my closet is full of long sleeved white t-shirts! My goal this spring is to wear more dresses and skirts. I love them and they make me feel like I have actually gotten dressed that day. You know?

Have a wonderful weekend.


Alyssa said...

I have a black cotton dress very similar to the one you have pictured! It's great in the winter!

Brandie said...

Love that black dress! Where's it from? Cute blog, too:)!

The Smith 4 said...

I was just about to ask where the black dress came from too! It looks so comfortable!