Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday TV update

One of my MANY weaknesses is Reality TV.. yes... I know I am not known to watch many sitcoms (your lucky if I watch modern family - and when I do - I even laugh a few times an episode). Well I thought I would change my Tuesday blogging theme to TV Tuesdays, well as long as The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser is on....

So my top 3 girls for this season for Jake are the following:


And I'm not so sure why I'm so upset about Jake letting Katherine go... I thought she was so CUTE! I don't know if it was just her hair cut and color that I loved, or if it was her personality and her closeness with her family.... but i'm still bitter at Jake for sending her packing last night without giving her a chance!

I have become a sucker for this 2 hour program every Tuesday - and I will forewarn you that J and I refer to it as BL (and Stace and Ryan). Today was the first episode of the new season. I felt if I weighed in at the same time they did - I would feel better about my biggest loser competition with all of my friends.

So far my $ would be on the grey team of Koli and Sam but I really like Miggy and Magdalia, Sherry and Ashley and Michael and Maria... so it will be a good season. I get really emotionally attached and I make sure to let J know if I make it through an entire episode without shedding a tear - yes, I am a SAP i know!!!

I'm excited for next week and my reality TV to be back on again....

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Amanda said...

I like Koli and Sam too... I hope they make it far!