Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinner Bridal Shower

On Monday we had a dinner bridal shower. It was for my parent's next door neighbor's youngest son's fiance... haha - did you follow that. Basically Jodi is engaged to one of the guys who lived next door to me when we were growing up. Since they have been dating a short amount of time, and the engagement has been very brief, we needed to meet this wonderful lady who is going to be joining the Bennon family, so Mrs. Peet had us all get together on Monday night for a shower.

The last time I had been over to the Peet's was when I babysat for her kids a LONG time ago, so it was nice to have a nice adult conversation with these ladies. There were only 6 of us (besides myself 2 of the guests were my mom and sister) so it was an awesome time to get to know Jodi.

Mrs. Peet really out did herself with all of the food. We had 2 different types of quiches, homemade lemon poppy seed bread, and then my mom made one of my favorite salads.

Then she moved us into the main dining room for our dinner. I felt as if I had been removed from someones house and dropped down into a little tea room. The room was decorated so quaintly.

The centerpiece was so cute. She had little wedding cake toppers to decorate all over the room.
So after encouraging all of us to go back and have seconds she brought out these variety of desserts... She made everything from scratch. The middle dessert holder had chocolate covered strawberries, biscottis dipped in chocolate and a lemon meringe in a coconut cup.

And here is the guest of honor for the evening Jodi, with all of her presents. I had to laugh at Mrs. Swint's wrapping job. I totally know the feeling of what she went through, she had the present for a while, finally found a box to fit everything in it, and then the day of the shower when she went to wrap the gift - and realized she only had enough to cover the top. Can you tell which gift is hers?.. ha! Oh well, it was a nice conversation starter. It was a wonderful shower, and it was nice to all get together. I can't wait for the wedding Feb. 5th!

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