Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Restaurant Week Selection

Its Restaurant Week in Columbus, not to be confused with Restaurant Wars in Top Chef. We went to Columbus Brewing Company this past summer, however this time we wanted to try a different place this time.

There are two great reasons to participate in Restaurant Week, the first being you are able to try high end places that you might not normally try for a fixed price (3 course meal - that is relatively inexpensive $15-$35 a piece) and the second reason(the best reason) is that it raises money for the Mid Ohio Food Bank, and all the money raised will stay right here in Central Ohio to raise money and awareness for the people in need.

So now were stuck with the question... where should we go this time for Restaurant week....

So how do 3 indecisive people decide where to go for Columbus's restaurant week when you have 30 different options to go? Well, we decided to make it into a fun game....

First Molly, Justin and I went through all of the restaurant options based off of the meals they were offering and ranked our top 5 places a piece (Justin and I got 5 and Molly got 5).

Then our #1 choice got the name of the place entered in 5 times, #2 choice was entered in 4 times and so forth....

Then you cut them up and place them in a bowl

You place the bowl over your head and select once piece of paper

And our selection is

I am very excited to go to Polaris Grille for dinner. My favorite dinner EVER from there is one of our options.. I have already prepared myself - if I gain 10 lbs because I indulge in the meal - its totally going to be worth it! ha (just kidding - its all about portion control!)


Molly said...

LOVE. THIS. POST. Cracking up! Can't wait for tonight!

Jen said...

How fun!!! Another reason to leave Toledo and move to Columbus :)