Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So What...


... I haven't linked up to "So what Wednesdays" in FOREVER but lets be honest - I have been one HUGE slacker lately in the blogging category of my life... but i miss it! I really do.
... I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks and I have now posted twice in 1 day, I just had a lot on my mind that was about to be a brain dump, but very easily it turned into a SWW post :)
... I haven't blogged about my new car yet because I haven't had time or a nice day {i.e. not raining-c'mon mother nature, can't Ohio get a little snow?? afterall it is December 28th} to take a picture of it! But I promise, its coming soon!
... I have already started to stress about non loyal gym go-er's come January 2nd. I don't think its fair to those of us who go 12 months out of the year to have to fight with those who only go one month a year... perhaps JillianMichaels and I will just become BFF's for the month of January and I will pick up my running addiction again in February
... I'm signing up for the capital city 1/2 marathon in May tomorrow, after i start my new credit card statement... hey, the price goes up as of January 1st! who knew that running could be SO expensive
... so what if I'm living like a hermit for the first time in a long time, I have a car payment for the first time in my life, and I need to figure out how to adjust to having an extra expense every month
... I'm not making a new years resolution list this year. I will continue to live my life like I have in the past, with no regrets and living life to its fullest... because after all, you only live once!

So what are you saying
"so what" to? Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up for the last
SWW of 2011!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

I hope this post finds you filled with joy after the holiday season.
Ours was filled with lots of cheer and family time

Christmas Eve is always spent at my dad's mom's house
Nan and DB's
This year we had 2 new additions to the family
My cousin and his wife just had Rylan, December 8th
She's just a little peanut
and it was also Palmer's first christmas, who is 2 months old
and Palmer's sister, Addison
After Christmas at Nan's we all head to the 11pm church service

Christmas morning we woke up and had Justin's parents over for breakfast and to exchange gifts
After breakfast, we headed down to Justin's cousin's house in Lancaster to celebrate another Christmas
and then back to my parents house for my immediate family Christmas
on our way back to my parents house, I turned to Justin and asked how Santa does it all.. because I was EXHAUSTED!
My dad is probably one of the biggest rudolph fans out there
{which I didn't know until I came home from college one year, and I declared I was home, and he said.. shhh rudolph is on! who knew that he liked rudolph SO much}
so when I saw this bumble sucker I had to get it for him and add it to the top of his gift
{yukon cornelius is from his co-workers this year}
even Lily dressed up for the holiday
My sister and brother in law received an ice cream attachment for their mixer as one of their wedding gifts, and we have been fortunate enough for Alli to make us home made ice creams twice thus far.
Christmas dinner she made a peppermint ice cream with dark chocolate brownies!
Hello heavenly! seriously!
Last Christmas Justin, my mom, dad and I went bowling with several other family members after Christmas dinner, and this year was no different, except Alli and Doug were able to join us
my dad wore this shirt!
I about died when he pulled this shirt out, it was given to him by his neighbor across the street. The neighbor was about 80 and he gave him the shirt in 1983 {i'm pretty sure its safe to say this shirt is every bit of 50+ years old!}.. it was his favorite bowling shirt and he wanted my dad to have it!
I'm so thankful he has held onto it all this time!

I sure do hope you had as much fun and family time as we did!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

With the holiday's quickly approaching, we decided to get together this week with Molly and her family to celebrate.

My favorite little almost 2 year old
Although her and her brother received a few toys from Justin and I
we also got a little crafty this year with their gifts

With this as my inspiration
and a matching bib for her brother

along with Molly's shirt, I had her a tutu made from one of my friend's Megan
that is red and white so it will match her shirt and work for her birthday party that is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed.

Molly got me an amazing necklace that I had pinned a long time ago from Vestique
{consider this your fair warning - vestique can be a dangerous website! everything is reasonably priced and ADORABLE! i kind of think of it as a less expensive francesca's}

I have had some trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year {even though I have been listening to Christmas music since November 1st, and my tree has been up shortly after that} but hearing Molly say "Ho Ho Ho" when you ask her what Santa says, made me excited for the season. She truly warms my heart more than she even knows!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A healthy competition: Gingerbread House

For the past few years, I have politely begged asked, to be a part of the Graham family Gingerbread competition.

Shelly and Scott assemble all of the gingerbread houses, and provide all of the candy, and then we are each responsible for bringing our own roofing, and then one item to share with the rest of the group

We all had a 2 hour time limit with 2 person teams

As Jaci and I were focused on completing our house, Shelly was having a photo shoot with Truitt, her grandson
{it was only after she claimed to have gotten the BEST picture ever that she realized it was on my camera and not hers! whoops!}
Our finished product

The competition was judged by a unbiased Pizza Delivery Driver
The Graham's bribed him with an extra tip, however it was their way of paying it forward
and he was beyond thankful and touched for the additional tip!
And the winner was Lauren and Greg's cottage
Their traditional gingerbread house was done with perfection
{well minus the use of broccoli for their trees - but who's judging??}
This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday night with amazing friends!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Columbus Blogger Meet Up

Saturday night we had our 2nd Columbus blogger meet-up
We had a great time catching up with old friends
and meeting new bloggers!

This is just a few of us, I wish we were able to get a picture before people had to leave
but that just means we will need to get together again soon so we can get one of everyone!

Thanks again Holly and Katie for organizing the event!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's called an accident for a reason

Last night I was on my way to meet up with a friend and her babies for dinner
however I did not get very far before my night took a drastic change
i was sitting at a light right outside my condo complex, and I was on the phone with my sister when
i am slammed into from behind from a car going 35 mph
i squealed, my phone went flying, and my hat when sailing into the back seat of the car
my first instinct was "what just happened to me"
and my second was to get back to my sister on the phone because that would be the most TERRIFYING sound on the other end of the phone {some one squealing and then no longer talking to them!}
as soon as I hung up the phone with Alli, I got out of my car to assess the damage and to make sure no one else was hurt
The car in front of me was a brand new volvo with a 9 month old in the backseat that her dad had just picked up from daycare, and the girl behind me was a younger girl similar to my age who was alone.
I was SO worried initially about the baby b/c she was crying uncontrollably, but I told the dad to leave her in the car seat until the paramedics came.
After we realized everyone was okay, and it was just our cars that were hurt, I realized how fortunate we are.

Cars are replaceable, people are not!
However, it will be a little different having a car payment for the first time in my life,
but to say that i'm not a little excited to start looking for potential new cars could be fun!

So now I'm just in the waiting game...
I've been fortunate never to be in accident before in my life,
and I'm very fortunate that our family friend is our insurance agent and he walked me through the initial steps of what I need to do to get the ball rolling.
So now I'm waiting to figure out if they are going to "total" my car or fix it.
Either way, I will be fine with the decision.

But based off of the damage - I'm pretty sure this is the end of an era for Herbie, my 2004 Passat. It's been a good ride buddy!
The trunk is all out of line, and my back bumper has quite of bit of damage as well.
My passenger side air bag deployed {boy do those things stink!!} however mine did not!
Here's a few pictures of what I could snap this morning
The officer told me I could drive my car home only because I was only 1/4 mile from my house.

I am so thankful no one was injured during the accident,
and I just keep reminding myself that its called an accident for a reason!
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

being resourceful!

This is why I LOVE my blog/twitter friends!
Yesterday while at work, I was struggling to eat my lunch because my bangs kept getting in the way
without having a bobbi pin with me, I decided to be resourceful and use the ever so useful

of course I'm a nerd, and took a picture and tweeted it showing everyone else my resourceful move!


today, I get a tweet from Molly
that literally had me laughing out loud ..

look what she found me on pinterest!

Thank you Molly for making my day!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope this post finds you well rested after a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ours has been anything but calm, but I really wouldn't have it any other way! I love being able to spend time with my family and friends when they are in town for the holiday.

{warning picture overload!}

Thursday morning started off with the
Flying Feather 4 miler in Dublin
Myself, Bri and Ashley
It must have been the cold weather because I ran the race in 9:52 minute/miles... something that I never thought I could do! I had previously run a 10:20 miles in my 1/2' s but it could have been the fact that it was only 4 miles, or the fact that it was just brisk, windy, and COLD that gave me a little pep in my step to finish the race!
The reward for running the race, a bottle of wine
After the race we raced over to Justin's cousin's house for our first thanksgiving, and then we rushed back over to my grandma's house. Luckily I was able to drop off of this cheese ball after the race for my family to enjoy {because it was long devoured prior to us arriving}
which was inspired by none other than pinterest
{these just seemed like a LOT of cheese ball for not a lot of cracker - so I just made on large cheese ball}
Friday night I had my 10 year class reunion. I had been helping plan the event for the past year, and it was nice to have it come to fruition and catch up with my classmates. Unfortunately there were not as many students who were able to make it as we wished, but there were about 40 out of our class of 500+ students.
Did you go to your class reunion?
Do you find that Facebook has made it less intriguing to go to your reunion?

Our high school principal came to the reunion as well. The world needs more people like Mr. McCann. He is one of those people who can find the good in anyone. He has since retired since we graduated, but it was so nice for him to come.
Saturday we stayed around town and watched our beloved buckeyes put up a fight against the team from up north. In the end unfortunately we did not come out victorious.. but we had other big news coming our way today with the announcement of Urban Meyer coming to coach OSU next year!

Saturday night we drove down to Cincinnati to see our best friends who were in town from Boston.
Sunday morning we woke up to a rainy forecast and tickets to the Browns/Bengals game. I was BEYOND thankful that I had purchased a pair of hunter boots prior to making the trip down 71.
We headed down to the game in the rain
Although the Brown's lost, we still had a great day hanging out with all of our friends

So that was our weekend in a nutshell! We are so fortunate that we were able to spend this holiday weekend with so many of our family and friends.

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!

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