Saturday, January 16, 2010

Celebrations - Part 1

We have had/are having a VERY eventful weekend with a few celebrations. So this is just part 1 of my Celebration Jan. 15-17th post.

Last night I had a girls night out at one of my friends house for a jewelry party. Although there weren't many of us there it was still a good time. Ashley just got a new puppy. Landry is 3 months old and no bigger than a minute. I could have played with him all night.

We left the Jewelry party and headed up to Von Jazz to celebrate Lauren's bday.
The birthday girl and her hubby, Mike

Ashley and I

Justin and myself

During one of the bands breaks the singer came around and asked if we were out celebrating something in particular and of course we let her know that we were there for Lauren's birthday. A little later in the evening she called all the birthday kids up on stage. Lauren was a good sport up there, preggo and all.

The singer of the band had all the birthday kids singing and dancing (Well attempted to have them sing and dance) and our entire table was highly entertained.

We will definately have to go back there for another fun filled evening! (yes Justin and Ryan Bjorklund - I had FUN at a smooth jazz bar!)

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