Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - We're DTP

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend!

Yesterday was spent all day preparing for our costumes for last night's party

Justin got his hair cut
the fade was definitely a necessity
I went and bought the darkest/tackiest bronzer and self tanner possible
bought Justin stronger wax to make his hair look that much better
had a sharpie tattoo session
yes - i'm fully aware that I'm no Kat Von D
we poofed my hair - applied WAY too much make-up - wore scandalous outfits [well scandalous for me!] - rocked out some HUGE hoops
to create....
Pauly D and Snooks
We were DTP - Down to Party
My hair was so tall I could not even sit up straight it Justin's car on the way to the party
we beat the beat up
[so much that my arms hurt this morning when i woke up - pathetic! i know!]
so what if we rolled 2 deep in as snooks to the party...
the hostess with the mostess - and her little M&M Marshall
Laura and Yoda
Pauly and I again
[with pickles of course!]
Myself, Lindsey and Jess
love these girls!
the reminiscence of Pauly D, and 2 snooki's at the end of the night!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween - I know that we sure did!!!!

Justin just sent this picture to me - I'm pretty sure that these kids had a MUCH better halloween costume than we did!!!
How funny is this?! but how inappropriate at the same time!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

babies, babies and more babies!

I have to admit - I have some friends with some pretty cute kids [maybe i'm a little biased?!?!] but the past few weeks have been nothing but being with our friends and their kids/babies!

Last week we went to visit Jen and Jason, Jen was 35 weeks pregnant with twins - doesn't she look awesome?
They were born last night - Riley and Corbin
how cute is it that they are holding hands
can't wait to meet them
On Thursday night was Trick or Treat in my home town and we spent time with my cousin and their baby addison
as a little "cold" kitty
and then Melissa came back out with this adorable north face romper for her - isn't she adorable?
and then today we went to Truitt's 2nd birthday
Lauren had their house decorated so cute!

all the babies [and olivia and i - if you put a baby to sleep your allowed to stay on the couch!]

and how cute is the birthday boy

I love all of my friends babies!! we are so fortunate to have them so close to us!

Justin and I are off to a Halloween Party!

were DTP...[down to party] pictures to follow!!!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Guest Bedroom

First off, thanks again to Lauren from Blue Lux for the blog makeover - I'm still LOVING it! and I love how it gives my blog a whole new feel!

This week on Kelly's Korner is

Show Us Your Life - Guest Bedroom

[I apologize for all of my loyal readers - I know this is about the 10th time that I have shown this room!]

This is walking in the room. The wall color is Asparagus by Behr. It was VERY bright at first with nothing in the room, but once we added a lot of white and black to the room it became much more tolerable.

[some of these pictures are old and others are new... you will be able to see based off of the empty picture frames and added pieces to the shelf above the bed - its still a work in progress]

I asked a while back for any suggestions on what to put in the picture frames... I didn't want pictures of friends [no offense], we wanted something black, white and pretty neutral, and Justin and I really haven't traveled to too many places together to have scenery pictures... but my sister came up with the best idea of all - to put scrapbook paper in the frames. This is something that I can change out at any time, however for right now, I think i like them they way they are
the bedding is from HomeGoods and the pillows are from Target [the polka dotted one] and the front one is from Kohl's
the two end tables and shelf are from Ikea
speaking of the shelf - it is certainly a work in progress! I try to pick up black and white items when I see them and I am out... much easier said than done! i thought it would be an easy project that would quickly be complete after a trip or 2 to HobLob [boy was I wrong!]

and the tv....

So thats a tour of our guest bedroom. Justin and I are very fortunate to have so many friends come and stay with us... some days I feel like I should run a hotel out of this room.... and I love it!

Now head on over to Kelly's Korner and check out other bloggers guest bedrooms!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Halloween Crafts/Decor/Party Ideas AND a New Blog Design

Top 2 Tuesday

Halloween or Fall crafts/decor/party ideas

I have done a few DIY projects this year for Halloween
[for some reason I was totally into doing a few DIY projects this year]

1. Polka Dot Pumpkins
I used a carvable pumpkin so I only had to do this project once -rather than once a year
To carve the pumpkins - just use an apple corer [careful because if you push to hard you will have a MUCH larger hole than just the corer - let me tell you I can speak from experience!]
i put marks on the pumpkin to where i needed to punch holes
and i cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and inserted a battery operated tea light

2. Young Trick-Or-Treaters Treat
i used a drill and made holes and then inserted into all of suckers
i once again used a carvable pumpkin so I can re-use this next year

a boa wreath - an inspiration from a target wreath
EEK picture frames
candy corn cupcakes

now head on over to Taylor's blog to check out other bloggers Halloween Crafts/Decor/Party Ideas

i'm sure that you have noticed - i got a blog make-over
Lauren at Blue Lux re-did my blog and she did an AMAZING job
She was amazing to work with, fast, approachable, quick to get back to you, open to any suggestions that you might have, affordable AND she is beyond talented!
I would HIGHLY recommend working with Lauren - she is wonderful :)
Thank you again Lauren!!!

Also, another reminder - tomorrow is your last day to sign up for the $35 CSN Giveaway

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was all about friends - which I LOVE! Justin and I feel so fortunate that we have such awesome friends that are able to come and visit us so frequently.

Friday night Aly came in town. One of our friends from college had a girls night in party. Jenna did an amazing job planning and her house is absolutely gorgeous!

There was a station for spray tanning, a jewelry rep and a manicurist.

My nails definitely needed a little lovin....
I'm kinda loving this color
You don't know Jacque
Some of the girls
Aly and I
After the GNI party we stopped by a party thrown for another friend who just got a job as a lawyer at a local winery called the wine guy
Congrats Joe - we are so excited for you!
All of the Tri Deltas [and Aly - an honorary member!]
you would think after 4 years of being in a sorority we would all know to be ready at any moment for a picture - but i'm pretty sure that this picture proves that we surely weren't ready
[well maybe Molly was!]

Unfortunately Aly had to go home Saturday afternoon, however before she left - we made a trip to sonic so she could experience what all of our fellow blogger friends always talk about.. so she is no longer wondering why Sonic is so delish!

Saturday night there were 8 of us that all went out to dinner. For some reason I didn't even think to bring out my camera once.. whoops! We then went out to see the UFC fight [well the guys wanted to see the fight -that is not my cup of tea]

Today was spent at work but I was cheering on my browns over the saints [the saints are my #2 team - but the browns need a win anyway we can get one! even if it is over last years super bowl team!]
Go Browns!!

Its hard to believe the weekend is already over... why is it that the weekends go so fast and the week takes so long???

I hope y'all had a great weekend

Remember - only a few more days for the CSN give-a-way - it closes on Wednesday of this week!