Thursday, January 7, 2010

Show us your life.... New Years Resolutions/Goals

New Years Resolutions

”Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner”

I have never really sat down and made a list of resolutions for myself for the upcoming year nor have I ever stuck to my resolution (except one year I went an entire year without ANY chocolate - I was probably 14 and 15 and I apparently I didn't have much stress in my life back then because we all know that chocolate is a way to cure a stressful day!) I digress... so here's my list of resolution/goals for the upcoming year....

  • Overcome my fear of numbers... and by numbers I mean my bank account and my weight. I never like looking at my bank account number because the number is constantly going down and I hate looking at my weight because it is constantly going up... so I am hoping this year my fear of numbers will go away because my bank account will creep up and my weight will dwindle down
  • While were on the topic of weight.. I have really struggled since college with my weight (actually my entire life) however, I have really noticed since I have been dating Justin (not that it is his fault at all - but just because I am more comfortable than ever) I have lost interest in working out and focusing on my physical health. My goal for this year is start towards my ideal weight loss goal - to loose 23% of my current weight, and I would be where I would ideally want to weigh
  • Back to saving money - I want to save enough money to fly down and see my grandma and great grandma in Florida. I miss both of them dearly and the older I get the more time they spend down in Florida
  • I would also love to furnish the basement with Justin's help. It is currently a big heaping mess! We had a funny conversation the other day after leaving Best Buy after buy a headset for Justin's PS3
Lindsey: Are you close to paying off Best Buy credit card (18 month no interest) from your Play Station 3?
Justin: Yea, I think the next purchase that I will get is a new tv for downstairs, and if I get the tv will you get the surround sound?
Lindsey: I don't mind buying the surround sound, however don't you think we
should work on buying furniture for the basement too?
Justin: I suppose
It just goes to show you how differently boys think than girls, all they want is a nice tv and the equipment to make it look and sound that much cooler - forget about the comfort level of the room (i.e. couches!). Now I just have to find couches that I will also fit down the stairs - the entrance is VERY narrow...
  • Although I'm not a runner I would like to participate in one race this year - like a 5k - lets start off small and work and I can work my way up to a bigger race or more 5ks throughout the year if I get really ambitious
  • I would also love to find a way to calculate walking/running 2oo miles this year.

  • Blog 350 days this year... so far were off to a good start
  • Paint my nails so they don't look trashy like this
  • Go on a date with Justin once a month... Although we go out to dinner together, sometimes its just so I dont have to make dinner and I'm being lazy or have no creative ideas - I want our dates to be planned
  • Host a a girls night out once a month for my girlfriends. I am so fortunate to have such a large group of friends who live here locally, and I love it when I am able to get together with them frequently (scarf exchange, Saturday morning movie and breakfast, dinner, ect)
  • Have my parents and Justin's parents over for dinner once a month
  • Write notes to my friends who may need encouragement, thank you notes to people who encourage me, just saying hi letters to my friends I might not get to see all the time, and an occasional love notes to Justin
  • Continue to volunteer at my church nursery once a month
I think those are plenty of goals for the upcoming year. I am really looking forward to a fresh start... I think 2010 is going to be a fun and eventful year! Please help me stay on track with all of my goals and I will definately help you with yours!

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Happy Friday

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Amanda said...

Impressive list! :) I also have a list going of things I want to accomplish this year, and running in 3 5k's is one of them! Any interest in running our first one together? I know I do better with support, and I'm not really a runner at all so having someone there would be motivating!