Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a little crazy for us - so crazy that I haven't been on the computer since Friday at work... (I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing! ha) So i have a lot of blogging to update ya'll on (and a lot of blogging to catch up on from all of you)...

We had a busy weekend with lots of friends. Friday night we went to dinner with Rachel, Mike and Madison at Jed's. We have so much fun with these 3. Saturday morning, Rachel stopped by with Madison to drop something off for us, and Madison took quiet a liking to Justin's playstation controller as well as his headset (well maybe we made her take a liking to the headset).

After Rachel and Madison left, we met up with Jason, Katie and Molly at Roosters for lunch. The gave me the cutest dish for my bday present. Thank you so much ya'll know how much I love green and polka dots! I can't wait to make a dip or a casserole in it!

And because I can't see Molly without taking a picture of her - here's a picture of the little princess

Saturday night we went out for a couples date night. It was so nice for the 8 of us to get together and go to a nice dinner at Mezzo's in Creekside Gahanna.

After dinner we went for a few cocktails at Signatures across the street. Here are the girls of the evening

while we sat around and caught up with one another the boys found an old school PacMan game.

Today I went and rocked babies at church with Ashley. After we volunteered in the nursery we went to Mimi's for lunch and then went to the mall (where I bought NOTHING! - aren't you proud of me mom!). However we did see some interesting things like this body suit from Forever 21 - really?!!?!? please tell me these are not in style again - ICK!
and while walking through barnes and noble this caught my eye - no thanks - i think ill stick to rachael ray and paula dean!

I came home from being out all morning to watch the USA vs Canada hockey game with JM. I honestly don't think I have been that nervous during a sporting event since the OSU vs USC game from this past fall. It was a great game - and although we lost, it was fun to watch!

So that was our eventful weekend - I hope you had a great one too!

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