Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holiday Valley Vaca and Birthday Weekend

This has been one fun weekend! We were in Holiday Valley for our annual ski trip with the Bloms. Its amazing how much our group has grown over the past 14 years - we have gone from a group of 9 to 14 in the last few years.

We had beautiful weather the entire time we were there (minus the drive up), and had a wonderful time.

Justin and I on the slopes

Alli, Laura and Brad on a chair lift
Jen and Andrew on a lift

Since Madison is only 22 months, she is not quiet ready to ski, however she LOVES to sled...

She came in after sledding and decided to play in our room... and unfortunately we didn't have as many toys at our place compared to theirs, but we were able to wake up Brad from his nap by tickling him and then she decided to lay down next to him and imitate how he was laying.. ha!
and once that was boring we played on the air mattress for a while and "played" night night... because all of my friends have small children, I tend to forget how much fun they are when they are a little more self sufficient - Madison was definitely our entertainment for the weekend!
Last night we went out to dinner and we ran into one of my good friends from college Matt Corl - ha! He joined us at the bars after dinner for a few drinks(please disregard the bunny ears - apparently they never get old!)

Today we went out boarding for about 2 hours before we headed on the road.. however it was much warmer today than we expected (i'm not so sure the alcohol from the night before helped us either)... but Erica needed to take off her sweatshirt and she thought this was the best place for it as she continued to ski
It also happens to be my birthday today... so I pulled the "its my bday card" (which I rarely use) but our besties were in Cleveland visiting from Boston, so we stopped to have lunch/dinner with Stacey, Ryan, Ron, Kathy, Jeff and Kelly. Not only did we celebrate my bday but we were able to give Kelly her shower gift of BBBlocks and Ryan his bday gift. Unfortunately we had so much fun I totally forgot to get a group picture of all of us - but I'm sure it will not be the last time that we will all be together. However, in the mean time I decided to pose with the blocks - since afterall it is my bday.
It has been a wonderful bday, I feel so loved by my family and friends! Thank you to any one who made this a very special day for me:)


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Aly said...

Great pictures! And WOW, I can't believe you ran into Corl! Samll world...

Katie said...

Your BBBlocks modeling pics blow Molly's out of the water. I'm sure Rachel would love to have an adult model ;)

rachelhaugk said...

I LOVE your picture with the blocks - maybe we can put you on the website next time ;)