Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

So I understand I live in Ohio, and Ohio is known for potentially having all 4 seasons in one day - the big joke is "If you don't like the weather in Ohio wait 5 minutes, it will change"... but lately all we have seen is SNOW, SNOW, and MORE SNOW!!! Yes, I love the snow, and I love watching it fall, however I'm getting a little annoyed about the amount of snow that we have seen in the last few days. Yesterday, I just sat in my office and looked out the window, and it looked as if a 5 year old had seen a snow globe for the first time and was shaking it uncontrollably and never let the thing down... there were a bazillion snow flakes all falling down simultaneously.. which made for a pretty sight, however it brought just a little bit of stress about driving home.

So at this point snow interfered with my scarf exchange on Friday because we got close to 8".... and then yesterday while at work we received another 6" of snow... totally for over a foot of snow in the last 5 days. The good news is that Columbus has done a great job of clearing the roads so we can drive on them, however the tricky part comes when all the slush turns to ice... which turns into a night mare! This always makes the morning commute extra fun.

Although I love the snow, and I want a TON of snow in New York next weekend for our family vacation to Holiday Valley, I'm really hoping for it to miss Ohio for the next few days.. a small break would be nice.. and I think we deserve it at this point. Please Mother Nature, PLEASE!!!!

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Summer said...

LOL at the weather joke about Ohio! I am totally with you on wishing someone would turn the snow button OFF!

Sounds like fun going to New York! When Kelcee is 5 we are taking her there to FAO Swartz, Central Square, and American Girl....

Have a great day
Summer :0)