Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow and Marathon Update

So the **SNOW** is here again - its starting to become a 4 letter word around Columbus Ohio... and sorry that I don't have a child or a small animal to put out in the snow to show how much we have gotten the past few weeks but I still wanted to show you so I found this handy broom. Although you can't really tell from these pictures we have received at least 13.5" at this point and it is still falling....
Its hard to tell but there is a 1' flower pot buried in the back corner of this picture - if my basil and tomatoes weren't dead before winter hit - I'm pretty sure they are now - ha!
Today on my way home from picking up pizza for dinner (i know a little counter productive to working out - but I had no food in the house and I'm pretty sure that the grocery would have been a mad house) I lost control of my car on a back road between my house and the main road - and I spun out - making my car perpendicular to road (not ideal)... so what did I do - what any normal girl would do right? call her bf to the rescue - as if he could get there before anyone else could drive down this back road...
well just then I looked up and saw a car coming right for me - of course I kinda (okay I really) panicked because I am taking up the ENTIRE street and this guy would T-Bone me if he didnt see me... so I started honking - poor thing is probably thinking at this point - "dumb girl, first off she is stuck and can't get out, now she is honking like crazy at me, and all I am trying to do is help her so I can get through"... so it just took a little bit of rocking my car back and forth and voila I was out of the rut - and I was able to drive again... and he was off to the gym. This all happened within 5 minutes of getting stuck, so I ended up passing JM when I finally got back into the neighborhood. I appreciate the random guy who stopped to help me! I have been very fortunate with random individuals who have helped me lately - fixing my tire, and now this!

So with that little adventure I am so ready to put these away

and start wearing these - ahhh Summer and warm weather - where are you?!!?!

On another note my training for my 1/2 marathon is going quiet well. I am through the first 2 weeks, which I'm pretty sure will be the most difficult. Year to date I have run/walked 17.5 miles and I am due for another 2 miles tomorrow.

I am really excited about continuing to train for the race. JM told me that he is going to get me a pair of nice running shoes for my bday - and I'm excited to have a pair fitted to my feet that are actual running shoes. I'm pretty sure my Nike Shox are not the best running shoes, hence my blisters every day after I'm finished running.

Happy Monday Bloggers

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