Friday, February 19, 2010

Decorating Dilemma - Spare Bedroom

So I need your help blogging friends....

My spare bedroom is nearly complete, however I am in desperate need for ideas for my picture frames. I love to have people come and stay with me, however I am rather embarrased that my picture frames are empty (and based off of this picture - a little crooked as well!). What I need from you is any suggestions that you might have for the picture frames. I like that the room is all black and white minus the bright green walls and I would like to keep it that way if at all possible .

So I have a few stipulations (shocking I know)
  • I want something black and white
  • I don't want pictures of JM and myself, or of people

Here are a few other pictures of the room. The shelf is still a work in progress as well and I am hoping to find an inexpensive headboard/frame to add some black behind the bed.

and just so you can what really goes on to the right of the bed - its where I get ready every day - and YES i did clean it up for this "photo shoot" it is NEVER this clean - ha!
So any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I thank you in advance - and happy Friday:)


Aly said...

I think black and white photographs of either scenery (like vacations you have been on) I know you ski a lot, so maybe you have some pictures of the resorts/ski lodge/slopes.

Another idea would be of flowers. Perhaps gerber daisies (my fave!)that are in black and white.

And yes, your shelf needs some TLC! I always love to buy a photo and prop it up at an angle along those kinds of shelves. Maybe that shelf can have a pop of color?!

Happy Decorating!!

Kelly said...

Love the green!!
Black and white accessories would look good and I like the idea of gerber daisies!

KWeimer said...

I have seen this idea before and I have always liked it... I know you are crafty so you could jazz it up. Instead of purchasing (I don't like to spend $ if I don't have to) you can always texture paint a rectangle on the wall for the headboard... It's just a though, but it would look pretty neat since the room's accents are B&W...

Also, the idea of the Gerber Daisies is a great idea bc you have the single Gerb on the shelf...


Kate said...

Love the colors! Your room looks great!

Alli said...

Hi Linds, see I told you I follow your blog. Have you ever though about framing some scrapbooking paper and just having patterns in the frames? JoAnne and Micheals have some really nice classic patterns in black and white. You might even be able to find one with a splash of green for the middle frame. Just a though and something different than pictures! (super cheap too!)