Monday, February 22, 2010

I know my bday was yesterday, but we were just getting home from NY and I wanted to blog about vaca so I didn't have a chance to share a few of my things from my day....

One of my favorite things in the entire world is to get mail (i mean something thats not a bill or a flyer) so I LOVE going to the mailbox around my bday and finding all of these wonderful cards in the mail

When we met up with Stacey and Ryan yesterday for lunch/dinner they gave me my gift - a new pandora charm and I love it! They said it was perfect for me because I love to entertain - its a picnic basket with wine, bread and glasses in it - isn't it adorable? I love how full my bracelet is getting
One of my co-workers Julie gave me my gift this morning when I came into the office. And this is a WONDERFUL gift/something that will keep on giving. She got me 3 magazines all for home decorating ideas. Julie is one of the most crafty/thrifty individuals i know.... and we often talk about home decorating and DIY projects - so I can't wait to start some of them (don't worry I'll blog about the projects if they come out successfully - ha!)

And then tonight JM and I went to a running store in Gahanna called Second Sole, and I was fitted for running shoes. If you are in the need of running shoes and have never been fitted - i would HIGHLY recommend this place, not only was the customer service outstanding but it they helped me find the right shoe for me (the non experienced runner!)
As I get older, I realize that its not all about the presents but more about the people who I spend my bday with and that makes me the most happy!

I know your probably sick of hearing about my bday and this will be the last post solely committed to my bday for this year - ha!

And for all of you who were looking for a Make Me a Meal Monday - my laptop power cord has official broke - and I need to get a new one (JM is getting one for me for the second part of my bday present) so all of my pictures for my make me a meal monday are on the laptop - so hopefully we will be back up and running for next week!

Happy Monday (or early Tuesday) bloggers!!!

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