Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One of my most cherished things I own

So as a young freshman in college in 9/2001 - I started to realize how many t-shirts I would acquire over the next 5 years and I instantly knew that I wanted to make a t-shirt quilt once I graduated.

I asked my great grandma to see if she would mind making this for me, and she didn't hesitate at all when she agreed to it. So I put together my t-shirts (all 16 of them) in the order that I wanted them laid out and my great grandma and grandma went to work on setting everything up, while they were in Florida. When my great grandma was home over the summer I went over every Tuesday and we quilted together. I looked forward to spending time with her every week and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we have something that we did together.

This quilt might be one of the most cherished things that I own. Its the fact that my Great Grandma, Grandma and myself all worked together to make this (they did a majority of it!). They are both so talented that they were able to make this for me. My great grandma was 90 at the time, and the detail she put into each square is unbelievable to me. On this square you can see the stitch work that was included - and the star and crescent is actually my Tri Delta pin.

Thank you Grandma Tinapple and Nonna for all of your hard work on this quilt. I love this quilt and I can't wait to hang it up in my basement.


Summer said...

O.K. girly that is super cute!! I love it.... You will sooo cherish it forever and it has meaning that your Grandma helped ya make it....

Have a Happy Thursday
Summer :0)

Jen said...

I love the quilt! I am saving my proud to be an american, proud to be a tridelt shirt for Grace in hopes she will be a delta delta delta. Plus, that is the shirt that has the most meaning to me. :)

Jenni said...

Just found your blog, super cute blog! I love this idea. I would love to learn to quilt- it seems like such a great way to preserve memories. I guess I need to learn to sew first though! :)