Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite blogs to follow Kellys Korner, is hosting a simple pleasure blog post.. and I when I started thinking about my simple pleasures I have several - so these are just a few I thought of today
  • Climbing into a warm bed on a cold day OR climbing into a cold bed on a hot day
  • Having a coupon for something
  • Getting a survey at Sonic for a free Route 44 Diet Coke
  • Finding a favorite pen and using it until its completely out of ink
  • Getting a new follower or a comment on my blog
  • Someone else painting your nails
  • Having a baby smile at you
  • Catching up with a good friend on the phone
  • Sending notes to people in the mail - its fun to get mail other than bills and catalogs
  • Sharing my love of blogging with some of my friends
  • The scent of lime and/or cilantro
  • Catching up completely on my DVR
  • Christmas Music and anything to do with Christmas
  • Having my hair washed at my hair cut
  • Fresh homegrown cherry tomatoes
  • Having all laundry in the entire house washed and folded
  • Notes that I find around the house from Justin

What are your simple pleasures? Do we have any of the same?


Shannon said...

Hey, I saw the comment you left me on my Simple pleasure post and I had to reply.. If you want some help with the numbers on the scales check out my recipe blog. I have a lot of Weight Watcher recipes on it.. And some that are not so Weight Watchers. Love your blog!

Jen said...

All your talk about fountain drinks and sonic make me want them soo bad! My simple pleasures are warm chocolate chip cookies, my dad's macaroni and cheese, a new candle, fresh laundry, getting into a made bed, a day at the salon :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I keep telling everyone how fun it is to blog and follow other people....but some of my friends just don't get it...(but they read my blog)! I'm going to add you to my list of blogs to follow!! Have a happy Thursday!

Aly said...

I love getting letters in the mail from friends! (I still need to send you one! :D )I also enjoy catching up with friends on the phone! Love ya Linds!

Ty & Marlo said...

Just came across your blog from Kelly's Korner and kept reading about your Simple Pleasures! Love love love all the ones you have listed, except I don't get cute notes from YOUR bf! Ha!!!

Laurie said...

Some of my simple pleasure:
having Jude fall asleep on me (seriously the best feeling in the world is having a baby sleep on you), a hot cup of coffee in the morning, finishing a crossword, lazy mornings, Grey's Anatomy reruns, the way Jude smells after a bath...