Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A crazy day turned positive :)

Today was kinda a "you want to pull your hair out kinda day" in the office... just one thing after another, you go to a meeting for 1/2 hour and you come back to 8 voicemails... really am I that important that 8 people called me in a 1/2 hour?!?!

So I got out of the office a little later than expected, at 6:00, which stressed me out because we were supposed to go over to see JM's parents because his dad had outpatient surgery today (nothing major and he is doing just fine) and we were supposed to be at their house between 6:30-7:00, and I still hadn't worked out yet... but then I got a text from JM saying his dad cancelled - and the stress instantly was relieved that I was not so crunched for time, and then when I got to the mailbox I received a package... something I was not expecting (and I'm pretty sure that I had all my bills by this point so I didn't know what it could be).

When I got home I opened up the package and there was the sweetest note inside from one of my friends from college Karin. Karin lived with me while she completed one of her rotations this past fall and we became closer and also talked about working out and cooking healthier. I opened up the gift and she had sent me this:
As I work on becoming more healthy, I can't wait to use this. This was one of the most thoughtful things that anyone had done for me in a long time. THANK YOU KARIN! you are so sweet.

Tonight was wonderful evening to wrap up a stressful day in at work - a 3 mile run/walk, dinner with the boyfriend, and a wonderful phone conversation with one of my besties who lives in Boston. Its days like today when I realize its the little things that count the most....

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Aly said...

That was so sweet of Miss Karin! She has the sweetest heart! :)

Glad your day turned out better!

I am still thinking about starting one of these blogs! I've been writing down "ideas" on what to blog about! :) Love ya L!