Thursday, February 11, 2010

Show me your Life - Valentines Day - Favorite Date and/or Gift

Before dating Justin, I had no interest what so ever in Valentine's Day, I would have rather been with all of my single friends wearing black all day and being miserable by myself (nothing that says look at me I'm single than wearing black on 2/14 - ha!)

So when I first started dating Justin, I was excited because the closer and closer I got to February I realized that I might actually get to have a Valentine on February 14th!

Our first VDay day together was in 2007 and Justin and I had planned on going to a nice dinner however, mother nature had other plans for us... we were under a Level 2 snow emergency in Ohio that day and Justin was concerned about going out into the poor weather. I had other plans though - I wanted to go to dinner and I wanted to be with Justin, so I made sure that we made it to dinner (there may or may not have been a minor temper tantrum thrown by yours truly) but we made it to dinner and I enjoyed every little bit of our time together.

So after dinner we exchanged gifts, and Justin gave me a Pandora bracelet. It was PERFECT gift! And I have received a bead (or 2) for the past 3 years and every time I look at my bracelet I think of Justin and just how lucky I am to have a guy like him!

My director at work gave me this bead last year for my birthday. I love it - the pink matches the pink rhinestone in the middle of my first years bead, as well as it picks up the pink in the mother of pearl bead from year '08. She picked out this bead because it was closest to purple (my birthstone as she could find). She's so thoughtful!
And here is my entire bracelet. I love it! I love pandora because its your very own, no one else has one like it, and I have a meaning behind every bead. It is also nice because Justin doesn't have to worry/think about what to give me each year for VDay and all of my beads are hearts - so there is a theme and it is currently symetrical (lets hope it stays that way - hint hint!)
Please stay tuned for my new additions to my bead after this weekend.

Do you have any valentines traditions? or do you have a pandora bracelet? If so, I would love to hear about them!

Happy Friday and I hope you have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day!!!!


Aly said...

Your bracelet is so cute! I hope JM gets you another dazzlin' charm!

V-Day, in my world, is known as "The Day of Death"- but this year, I have a whole new attitude about it!

Can't wait to see what you get Miss L!

Summer said...

Love the bracelet girl! I have a Pandora Necklace and loooove it! The hubs bought it for me for Mother's day and every time we go to JHopkins I get a new bead....They all have meanings....I love it so much, and I'm like you I love Pandora because no-one else has one just like yours.....
What a sweet gift....
Happy friday
Summr :0)

Amber said...

That is a great tradition with the beads! Our only tradition is that I don't cook :) I know alot of people cook a special meal for their significant other but being in the kitchen for hours cooking and cleaning up are not for me! There is nothing more UNromantic.

The Townsend's said...

I love the bracelet! I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas and I told my husband that all I wanted to V-day is a charm to go on it. :) It's so much fun to add to!

The Coupon Centsation said...

I LOVE it. What an awesome idea. I might have to ad this gift to my list... Can't wait to see the 2010 addition!

Crystal said...

Love the bracelet. Awesome idea!!!

Claire said...

oh I love the bracelet, and the story! Such a sweet idea!