Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show us your life - Beauty Tips

I'm very thankful for Kellys Korner because not only does she give me topics to blog about but her Show us Your Life Friday posts give me so many ideas, and opportunities to view other blogs that I might never have found on my own! So today is all about Beauty Tips.. and if you know me very well - I do not spend much time getting ready - all I need is about 35 minutes :) The more simple it is - the better in my opinion.. so these are my every day products that I use....

My variety of shampoos and conditioners. Its always good to change up the type of shampoo that you use, so I have one for moisture, volume, and damage control. I try not to use the same type of shampoo two days in a row and I am very particular about the scent of my products - so all of these have a very light scent to them.

I'm pretty sure the Bjorklund's inspired me to have a larger variety of shampoos and conditioners because when we were out in Boston this past fall Justin got out of the shower and said - "I feel like I just went shopping for shampoo in the shower". I think Stacey probably had 5-6 different types of shampoos to choose from - ha! it makes my selection look small!

I also have a routine for when I get out of the shower. I have to add as much product as possible to my ULTRA fine, flat hair to see any/some volume. I first wrap my hair up in a towel as soon as I get out of the shower to absorb all the moisture that I possibly can, which cuts down on my hair dryer time considerably. I leave my towel on my head when I apply my mascara and then I start in on the hair process.

I wasn't thinking when I took this picture and I should have put them from left to right in the order I use them, however i put them from right to left.

  1. Heat Shield - it helps protect your hair from the heat - whether its from the hair dryer or straightener
  2. Garnier Fructis Style XXL Volume Thickening Mousse - I typically fill my palm full with mousse and then I run it through my hair distributing it evenly throughout my damp head
  3. Depending on the day I can use either of the next 3 volume hairsprays. If I am wearing my hair down with little volume I will typically just spray the Aussie Volume hairspray all over my head, if I am wearing my hair down but a little bit of a bump created by teasing then I will use the Herbal Essences Set Me up Hairspray, but if I make a TDP (Tri Delta Poof - I swear all of my sorority sisters who graduated 2-3 years after me created the bump-it effect way before the bump-it ever was thought of - so we call it the TDP) I load up my teased hair with the Garnier Full Control Hairspray.
  4. Before I ever leave the house I will always finish my hair off with the Aussie Hi Hold + Hi Shine hair spray... I swear it might as well be super glue for your hair. If I didn't have an issue with constantly re-teasing my hair for my poof this product would work 100% better for me! ha
I also would recommend anyone who straightens their hair to splurge a little and get a Chi Hair straightening iron. I can't use any other brand now that I have been spoiled with this one - it gets so hot that it glides through your hair! its awesome. I would also recommend buying a cover for yours as well - it only took me burning my hands a 3-4 times before I realized that this Vera Bradley cover was a necessity. It also helps for traveling purposes.

Another product that I have recently discovered that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is liquid eye liner. I swore that I would never again wear liquid eye liner after so many years in dance competitions and so many times that I was poked in the eye with the wand by either my mom or another dance mom - but this stuff is awesome now that I have control of applying my own make up! It doesn't end up half way down your face by the middle of the work day it actually stays on my eye lids - and I love it!

I also have a slight obsession with lip gloss - At any given time you can probably find at least 7 or 8 lip glosses on me at any time, and typically when we travel my entire quart sized Ziploc is filled 3/4 of the way with lip gloss (the other 1/4 of a bag is filled with hand sanitizer!- Surprised?) But my favorite lip glosses are lipLITES by bonnebell - yes the same brand that you probably liked when you were 12 -ha! i love the cappuccino and creme brulee colors.

My last beauty tip is to help your hands during the COLD winter months. Every time I get in my car I put Bath and Body Works Body Butter on my hands and then put on these cheap gloves, and then when I get out of the car, I take of the gloves and leave them on my seat. This has really helped my hands from getting completely dried during the cold winter months in Ohio.

Thanks you for stopping by and I hope some of my beauty tips may help you as well! Have a wonderful Friday and don't forget to stop by Kellys Korner for other ideas!

I'm so excited for this weekend, we have a lot planned, a Girls*Night*Out scarf exchange tonight, we're babysitting Molly Saturday morning and we have a wedding Saturday night, and then were having a super bowl party - make sure to stop by I will have lots to blog about this weekend:)


Lauren said...

For those fellow curly haired ladies I would like to throw out there that the Garnier Fructise Curl Construct Mouse CHANGED MY LIFE! It really helps those curls BOUNCE!

Summer said...

Oooh I don't know what my hair would look like without the Chi Straightner....oh yes I do a hot mess LOL!

I love Garnier and Paul Mitchell Hairspray....LOL looks like your collection looks lots like mine....

I'm glad someone else shows a love for the mabeline mascara....Thanks for stopping by my blog

Have a Happy Friday
Summer :0)

Summer said...

Oh hope ya don't mind but I think your bloggy blog is super cute and I am now a follower....

Anonymous said...

Since one of your simple pleasures was a comment on your blog, I'll leave one! I'm with you on the Sonic coupons. I have 2 and just may run up there before this school bus comes later and get one! I'm craving now!

Thanks for the chi info too. I really want one but am trying to do the research. Your hair looks great!

Amy and Mark said...

If you like liquid liner you should try either the bobbi brown or mac gel liner. You apply with a brush and it's great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing I like your list! I LOVE yoru blog!!! I'm now a new follower of yours! Head over and check out my blog and my products list if you get time girl!!

Jen said...

Cappucino bonnie bell lip lites was my favorite in high school! I can't believe they still make it! I am totally buying it :) Thanks for sharing your list!

Kate said...

I don't know what I would do without my Chi either. Also, I like the Vera cover. I'll have to put one of those on my birthday wish list!