Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a pretty uneventful weekend...

Friday night we met up with the Grubers for dinner, and then we (maybe i should say I since Justin fell asleep at the dinner table at Las Margaritas) came home and watched the opening ceremony's of the Olympics. I love when the Olympics are on because there is always something going on no matter what time you turn on the TV.. even though its nothing like the XGames - I still love it!

Saturday was very productive around the house. We had a new addition added to the household (no not a puppy) but it might as well be to Justin-ha! we got a new TV. The new TV is on the first floor in our family room, and then the old TV from upstairs went downstairs to begin the "man cave". I do have to give Justin some credit though, he said he didn't want it to be called the "man cave" because he didn't want me to not feel welcomed - so he wants to call it the "theater room". Well the theater room is under a TON of construction... and probably wont be finished in the near future... we still need to get furniture and surround sound so until then - it can be a "man cave".

After the new TV was delivered, it was time for me to go to work. I have worked at a golf course in the area since it was opened in 2001, and I occasionally work out there when they have a larger event and they need an extra waitress/bartender. Well Valentine's Day is no exception, so I worked last night. I really do enjoy working out at the course because I love the members, and I love the people I work with, which makes working out there very enjoyable.... I always feel badly leaving JM on a day like VDay (which I did last year to work as well) however this year with his new tv and the "man cave"/theatre room I felt much better about it for some reason - ha! Its amazing how a new TV can make everything seem a little bit better!

When I came home from working at the course - I was dead tired but Justin surprised me with my Valentine's Day gift early... and it wouldnt be us if we couldnt hold off and give someone their gift on the actual day (i.e. Christmas!) This year I got 2 of the same bead - I love the color that it adds to my bracelet. Thanks babe! I love them :)
Today was another productive day around the house, cleaning and laundry. We started our tour of Westerville around 3:00 when we went to visit Justin's parents. Jeff and Tonya gave me my birthday gift - I got a gift card to get my hair cut - what a perfect gift! I love it! We went to my parents for dinner (to celebrate VDay, do our taxes and to my surprise celebrate part of my bday).... Since we are going snowboarding the upcoming weekend and we wont be in town, my grandma (Nonna - my mom's mom) thought I could use my gift before we went. The reason being is because she got me a snowboarding helmet

and a pair of shoes that I was really wanting from nine west (perfect for the office and all the walking I do back and forth from the hospital)
and here I am modeling my bday gifts - i know - i'm a nerd.. ha!
Thanks Nonna! I love my gifts!

So I hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend and an AMAZING valentines day!!!


Kate said...

Love your new beads! I got the white mother-of-pearl heart bead for V-day today and a flowery spacer. So cute!

オテモヤン said...
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