Saturday, February 6, 2010

A busy little weekend....

We had a pretty eventful weekend (aka a long blog post with a TON of pictures!). It all started off with about 10" of snow Friday - that started at 10am and did not stop until Saturday morning... but it was not going to prevent me from going out for my Girls*Night*Out.

Molly came over and chilled with Justin and Jason while we were at our Girls Night - she looked so cute in her little Valentines Day outfit (okay maybe i'm a little partial since I bought her the outfit - but she is ADORABLE!)
I'm slightly obsessed with the little peanut! I can't get enough of her!

Katie and Laurie at Olive Garden with their scaves
Jen and I with our scarves

Jen modeling her new scarf for us
All of us who braved it out in the snow storm.... hopefully Mother Nature will not interfere with our G*N*O in March
We came back from Olive Garden and this little guy came to hang out too!

Molly playing hard to get with Jude - ha!


This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning - apprently my place is in its own wind tunnel and we had some drifting over night
Jason and Katie went to go see Dear John and Justin and I were able to watch Molly... She is too funny... I snapped this picture on my phone - she likes to make all sorts of faces when she is sleeping.

After Molly went home - it was time to get ready to go to Mark's and Jodi's wedding. So we bundled up and headed downtown. Its hard to look stylish in 10" of snow - but we do what we can - so what if I wore my Uggs into the church and then slipped into my stilettos
Saying their vows
Alli and Doug at the cocktail hour

Justin and I at the reception

Mark and Jodi's first dance as Husband and Wife
Mark and Pat's dance as Mother/Son
Jodi' smashing cake into Mark's face... ha! She got him good!


Justin and I got up and started getting the condo ready to have people over for the Super Bowl. We made White Bean Chicken Chili, Japaleno Popper Dip, Harry and David's dip, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Crispie Football treats - Yummm (all recipes will be posted by the end of the week)...

This is what the Japaleno Popper dip looked like going into the oven...

and this is what it looked like on its way out - haha! lesson learned - add the japelenos at the VERY end of baking so they don't shrivel up! whoops

Football Rice Krispie Treats

Lauren made a delicious cheese ball - we had a lot of football themed food today

The spread of food
It was such a good game - I didn't take many pictures - but here are a few that I took....

Truitt and I hanging out....
Lauren is due in 9 weeks - and she came sporting this shirt - I thought this was hilarious...

We had a great time cheering the Saints onto a victory. I have to admit - it is so much more fun rooting for a team who you know someone playing... Everyone who was at my house tonight grew up in Westerville, it was so much fun cheering for Lance, #16. Whether we had watched Lance play football in a pee wee league, middle school, high school or college - he has always had the drive to be a great football player and I think we are all very excited for him! Congrats to the Saints and to #16! SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!

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