Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whats in your purse?

I am always surprised with how much crap stuff I actually carry around with me on a day to day basis - here is a break down of my purse

1.) Wallet
2.) Coupon Book
3.) My vice - I shouldn't even have to label this - its almost as much as an automatic as my phone or camera
4.) my koozie - so people don't try and take my diet coke!
5.) body butter
6.) gloves to wear after putting on body butter
7.) feminine products
8.) camera battery charger
9.) directions to Kristin's shower which got me lost (should probably throw the worthless things away!)
10.) Grocery List - should probably throw this away as well
11.) a wrislet - with nothing in it - good thing I'm carrying it around - ha!
12.) check book
13.) lip gloss/chapstick container (see below)
14.) gift card from JM's parents for my haircut
15.) Tiffany earings - they have been in there since our trip to NY
16.) Stride - gotta have fresh breath
17.) case for my camera
18.) BERRY:)
19.) Lollipop sticks for my cousin's baby shower and the Oreo pops were going to make
20.) Wisps - Love them! and my mom even found them in cinnamon (yes I love cinnamon toothpaste!)
21.) hand sanitizer - coconut lime verbana <-- surprised?

All of my lipglosses and chapsticks

So there you have it - all of the wonderful things that i carry around in my purse on a daily basis. What do you carry around in your purse?


Candice Pair said...

There is no freakin telling what all I have in my purse...I'm scared to even look!

Annie said...

I'm guilty of carrying way too much crap around in my purse everyday. I love big purses but they just end up filled with stuff I probably don't really need every day haha. Cute Vera Bradley makeup bag!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Cute post! :)

I would probably have had 40 numbered items from my bag!

Candice said...

Girl we are one in the same! In the bottom of my purse you can find probably 5 tubes of Carmex and then about 6 or 7 things of different lip glosses! haha! And they all seem to be the same color family but are different color names so I guess that gives me reasons to buy them all!!!

And I was immediately drawn to all your cute Vera Bradley! Love it!!

Alli said...

Lindsey, let be honest - this is your purse on a good day! :) I've found dirty socks in there before. One time I found those weird glasses things with the nose attached to them. You're lucky you didn't do this topic that day. You would have been getting some crazy comments...

Brittany said...

Great post! It made me laugh because I am the same way. In high school I used to carry around a hair brush and a cup!

Sandy a la Mode said...

Wow your bag is full of beautiful things!! I just did a post like this on my blog too... but realized my bag is pretty empty, probably b/c I travel so much!