Wednesday, March 31, 2010

holding myself accountable for my NY resolutions for the first time ever....

So I thought I could revisit my new years resolutions every quarter to see how I am doing with upholding them... some are better than others - but were only 1/4 of the way through the year - so here we go... if you have any suggestions on how to achieve my goals - please let me know!
  • Overcome my fear of numbers... and by numbers I mean my bank account and my weight. I never like looking at my bank account number because the number is constantly going down and I hate looking at my weight because it is constantly going up... so I am hoping this year my fear of numbers will go away because my bank account will creep up and my weight will dwindle down I am much better at paying my bills - and i don't get anxiety when I have to do so ... so thats a plus and a step in the right direction - right?
  • While were on the topic of weight.. I have really struggled since college with my weight (actually my entire life) however, I have really noticed since I have been dating Justin (not that it is his fault at all - but just because I am more comfortable than ever) I have lost interest in working out and focusing on my physical health. My goal for this year is start towards my ideal weight loss goal - to loose 23% of my current weight, and I would be where I would ideally want to weigh. I am at 6.86% thus far - and I still have a lot to go but I feel 100% better than what I did at the beginning of the year - I am fitting into clothes that haven't fit for 3 years now and it feels so good! but i have a lot more to loose until i'm at my ideal weight!
  • Back to saving money - I want to save enough money to fly down and see my grandma and great grandma in Florida. I miss both of them dearly and the older I get the more time they spend down in Florida still working on this one - i just want to get to florida at this point - JM and i were talking about taking a trip this fall - just the two of us - better start saving! we need a tropical vacation
  • I would also love to furnish the basement with Justin's help. It is currently a big heaping mess! We had a funny conversation the other day after leaving Best Buy after buy a headset for Justin's PS3
Lindsey: Are you close to paying off Best Buy credit card (18 month no interest) from your Play Station 3?
Justin: Yea, I think the next purchase that I will get is a new tv for downstairs, and if I get the tv will you get the surround sound?
Lindsey: I don't mind buying the surround sound, however don't you think we
should work on buying furniture for the basement too?
Justin: I suppose
It just goes to show you how differently boys think than girls, all they want is a nice tv and the equipment to make it look and sound that much cooler - forget about the comfort level of the room (i.e. couches!). Now I just have to find couches that I will also fit down the stairs - the entrance is VERY narrow... we have a new TV, however still no furniture - JM's part is done - haha - the rest can wait in my opinion - not my biggest priority
  • Although I'm not a runner I would like to participate in one race this year - like a 5k - lets start off small and work and I can work my way up to a bigger race or more 5ks throughout the year if I get really ambitious we all know that i'm crazy for signing up for this 1/2 marathon but its motivating me to get out and run/walk and workout - so keep praying for me - may 1st is right around the corner - eek!
  • I would also love to find a way to calculate walking/running 2oo miles this year. i'm pretty sure i'm up around 60 miles logged this far with running - i have no clue with walking - but i'll take it...i set these goals so that i could try to meet them/break them- i guess it would help if i kept track!

  • Blog 350 days this year... so far were off to a good start i'm going to change this to be 350 POSTS not days - too hard to keep track - ha! and i'm at 87 out of 90 days that have been in 2010 - hopefully i can keep this post up
  • Paint my nails so they don't look trashy like this not good - need to work on this one! my manicure is wearing off and i need to fix my nails before easter!
  • Go on a date with Justin once a month... Although we go out to dinner together, sometimes its just so I dont have to make dinner and I'm being lazy or have no creative ideas - I want our dates to be planned we need to work on this one as well!
  • Host a a girls night out once a month for my girlfriends. I am so fortunate to have such a large group of friends who live here locally, and I love it when I am able to get together with them frequently (scarf exchange, Saturday morning movie and breakfast, dinner, ect) we are 2 of 3... i skipped January because it was a busy month, but we did a scarf exchange in february (thank you mother nature for ruining some peoples attempts to come!), a manicure/pedicure party in march, and were going to see the Last Song in April...
  • Have my parents and Justin's parents over for dinner once a month we have had Justin's parents over - not mine yet - sorry B&L
  • Write notes to my friends who may need encouragement, thank you notes to people who encourage me, just saying hi letters to my friends I might not get to see all the time, and an occasional love notes to Justin i have tried to keep up with these - i try and stop in the card isle every week before i start my grocery shopping to look for a perfect card for that lucky person that will receive a card that week!
  • Continue to volunteer at my church nursery once a month unfortunately i think this one may be coming to a halt... i have tried (and by tried i mean 5 times since we signed up and they have too many volunteers for the amount of kids in the nursery - and i would rather spend my time in the worship service rather than in the nursery if that is the case. i feel badly but i think i gave it my time - and its time to find a new place to give my time and efforts to - outside of the church nursery!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love this! I am the worst at keeping nail polish on! I try so hard but it never works out! And dang about your church nursery..I think ours has the opposite problem!

Kelly said...

I like the way you are keeping yourself accountable. The hardest thing I set for myself was giving up soda's and coffee (which I did in Feb.) and dropping some pounds!

Good luck with the run coming up - you can do it!

Brittany said...

Woah! You go girl!! So happy for you that you're in such a great mind set for everything. I too, have anxiety about numbers ($ and weight).

I am totally joining your moving south group. We should all get together and talk in southern accents and eat southern food. Maybe that will make us feel better!:)

Jordan said...

Looks like you're doing pretty good! Keep it up!! :-)

Samantha said...

Way to kick some boo-tay! Seriously, good job on all of your progress.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Great idea! I should probably re-visit mine, too!!! :)

Jessica said...

You're off to a great start!!

Holly said...

Way to hold yourself accountable! You really are doing great in the first three months of the year, so congratulate yourself a little and keep working hard! You've set some lofty goals. I couldn't even set ONE! I never keep them, so I figured I wouldn't disappoint myself if I didn't make and NY resolutions this year.

Guys really do just love electronics, don't they? Shawn LOVES his large, flat-screen tvs, getting surround sounds to match and all the latest electronics. He is however also concerned with furniture. We have two sets and he wants to get rid of one and buy a new one. If we do that (Lord help us!) we may have a micro-suede, camel-colored couch for sale/to give away. I'll keep you posted on that.

You really are doing sooooo well with your resolutions. Just remember weight is just a number; it's how you feel about yourself that matters.

I totally hear you on the money thing! I'm working to pay off three more credit cards - paid off my Old Navy card this week!! Shawn and I both work second jobs that are really helping us out right now, and easing my anxiety about money.

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