Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Thoughts En Route Home

Although I frequently complain about my 30 minute commute to work and the traffic that I occasionally get caught in, I really do enjoy it as down as down time to just think about a few things - and today my thoughts were all over the board (its no wonder why most days I come home with a headache - ha!)

  • The Bachelor and hoping that the "spoiler blogs" were not true - unfortunately at this point, we know that they were right
  • Potholes - I just don't quiet understand them, how do they get so big, why the city doesn't fix them sooner, what if my car falls into one and my tire pops (i'm a little paranoid but I have the right to be since I have had 3 flat tires in less than a year)
  • When if ever will be the right time to get a puppy? Ashley sent me this picture of her puppy Quinn today at work - and not only did it make my Monday morning that much better - but it makes me want a puppy that much more (now if only puppies and babies would stay little like this forever!)

  • When Ashley and I went shopping yesterday, I didn't find anything I LOVED at the Forever 21 until I got to the register and found this little number - and Ash had a few $ left on a gift card and she got it for me - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! THANK YOU!

  • At orientation this morning, a co-worker had this adorable grey tank top on and she said she had recently purchased it from Old Navy - and sure enough its still on their website - I think I am going to be able to stop at ON tomorrow on my way from a meeting to the office... can't wait!

So just a little insight of what goes through my head on my commute home, I have one thing that is weighing heavily on my mind right now and it has to do with what church to attend - but I think I will save that for a post all on its own... until then, good night/good morning blogging world :)

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Aly said...

I love that tank top! (I totally missed this post last night, friend!) It looks like a GREAT layering piece for summer under a cute cardigan, jacket, blazer.....with some dress pants and heels!

Let's talk about this church thing- I have some things I want to share with you on this topic as well!