Friday, March 12, 2010

Favorite Fridays - Home Decor Places

I love participating in different blog hops- I get new ideas, and I find new blogs to follow! This week I came along Jen's Favorite Fridays through Aly... and I love this idea.

This week's topic is favorite place to shop for home decor.... I have to admit - I love shopping to decorate my condo because #1 its fun to come home to something new at your place and #2 I don't have to try something on to see if it fits (i.e. a pair of pants, a top, dress - you get the point!) So i often find myself migrating to the home decor areas in stores (which is a drastic change from when I was younger - and you couldn't get me anywhere close to the home decor departments!ha)

So my favorite two places to shop are:

Homegoods (and no this is not what my Homegoods looks like - if you know anything about Ohio we are the capital for strip malls -and any Homegoods I have ever been to has been in a strip mall- ha!) is a discount store (the one close to my house is attached to a Marshall's which is double dangerous!) and it has little things for around your house. I have learned if I need to watch my budget for the month - not to go into the store because its rare that I come out empty handed!

I also LOVE Target - Tar-jay has just about everything and anything that you would ever want - from bedding, to placemats, throw pillows to shower curtains - whats not to love?

Honorable Mention :Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Hobby Lobby

What are your favorite home decorating stores?


Aly said...

Good picks!!! I completely forgot about "HomeGoods"...ugh!

Candice Pair said...

We dont have a HomeGoods, but I love me some Target and Hobby Lobby!

Jen said...

Totally love homegoods AND Target! GREAT choices! Thanks for playing :)

Also, I still don't know what Hobby Lobby is!

Brittany said...

Love Home Goods! Have you ever been to Kirklands? It's heaven!!

Christina said...

Those are my two favorite places!
I LOVE HomeGoods, but prefer to shop there without the kids.
And Target, well I go there at least once a week. My husband doesn't love that. But my girls do :) (and so does mommy)