Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty uneventful, however I felt as if we were on the go the entire time - how does that work?

Saturday morning we had Justin's dad come over and re-paint the master bath (which is the smallest master bathroom ever!) to match our master bedroom (only 3 years later isn't too bad right?) I love the color that we chose, its called Spa by Behr... I will post pictures later this week - I need to get the entire bathroom put back together

After Jeff, JM's dad, left Justin and I went for a nice run for 5 miles! yes, you read that correctly - we ran 5 miles! it feels good - and I can't wait to try for 7 miles next weekend! i'm very thankful that Justin went with me - its nice to have a running partner:)

Saturday night we went over to the Garcia's to visit with them and the Baxters, and we sat around, and reminisced about college and played a few games (okay - i'm a little embarrased to admit but they were drinking games - and boy how quickly we forget how to play them since we all left college 4 years ago - ha!)

Today my whole family went to church, and then back to B&L's for brunch. Afterward Justin and I went down to Lancaster to visit his grandma. She is so witty, and unfortunately we don't get down to visit her often enough, but when we do we thoroughly enjoy it. She is hopefully moving into an assisted living place her in the next 2 weeks, so she will have her own room, which will be really nice for her.

Tonight I'm catching up on things around the house and partially watching the Oscars. Since I am not a big movie buff the award shows don't really do much for me.. however I am excited about Jason and Molly's wedding tomorrow... ha! its the little things - right?!!?

I hope you had a great weekend!

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