Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm baaaack....

...and its my 100th post! So I thought I would share with you just a few (or maybe 100) of my favorite things...


1. family

2. friends

3. laughing so hard it hurts

4. fresh manicures

5. receiving hand written notes in the mail

6. the perfect pen

7. simple “I love you” texts from jm

8. scent of a new car

9. phone conversations with my grandparents

10. THE Ohio State Buckeyes

11. polka dots

12. a laughing baby

13. having a good hair day

14. the way I feel every time “my everything” by brad paisley comes on the radio

15. watching fireworks

16. a new outfit

17. a scent that brings back memories

18. watching a thunderstorm

19. fresh chips and salsa

20. a baby smiling back at you

21. planning girls days/nights out

22. blogging


24. completing a long run without stopping

25. sperry topsiders

26. smell of a crockpot when you get home from work

27.sunkissed cheeks

28. monogrammed items

29. new shampoo and conditioner

30. warm towels out of the dryer

31. swimming in the rain

32. little blue boxes with a white ribbon

33. completing a list

34. oversized sunglasses

35. holding a baby

36. scent of a new box of crayons

37. post-it notes

38. ice cold miller lite or Michelob ultra with a lime on a hot day

39. the Cleveland Browns

40. an organized fridge

41. a new Pandora bead

42. country music

43. mango habenero and spicy garlic sauces from Buffalo Wild Wings

44. summer dresses

45. google

46. planning dinner party for our couple friends

47. yelling OH somewhere and someone yelling IO

48. sleep timers on tvs

49. bubblebath OPI nail polish

50. real housewives seasons – nj/ny/oc

51. giving gifts

52. watching snow fall

53. window down, radio up days

54. my blackberry

55. drinks during happy hour on a deck

56. finishing up my DVR

57. a new pair of shoes

58. going to florida

59. chipotle veggie burrito bowl

60. lady antebellum’s new cd

61. clean sheets

62. lake Cumberland

63. picking apples

64. oxiclean

65. lettuce wraps

66. buying something and not finding out its on sale until you ring it up

67. 100 calorie count popcorn

68. family ski trips out west

69. pashmina scarves

70. google chat

71. random bouquets of flowers

72. making a new project

73. coupons

74. driving up to a meter and having it still have minutes on it

75. hibachi grills

76. food network

77. having a baby reach up to you to hold them

78. reality tv

79. cilantro

80. picnik

81. Japanese steak house

82. fresh cut grass

83. koozies

84. hearing a song and having it instantly remind me of a specific time

85. ruffled shirts

86. catching snowflakes on your tongue

87. taking pictures

88. gerber daisys

89. movie nights

90. making a birdie

91. peanut butter and butter sandwiches

92. attending church

93. empty dishwasher

94. hint of lime tostidos

95. using a gift card

96. colorful sharpies

97. march madness

98. new tube of toothpaste

99. vanilla lime yankee candles

100. all of my followers

I never thought that I would enjoy blogging this much.. and I definitely did not thing that I would posting 100 things this soon.. but it has been a lot of fun this far - and I appreciate all of you who read this blog daily and follow me! ya'll mean so much to me!!!

also I need to thank Aly for helping my with my HTML problem - she did a great job - I am so thankful to have such a wonderful friend like you :)


Jen said...

Aww what a cute post!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

This turned out very cute!! Still looking for my name on your list though! Ha! Kidding!

Your blog looks great...glad you like it! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love your list you made!! yay for the 100th post!!! :-) I am glad I found you!!!

Kendra said...

OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.!! (: You made me smile here.

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Wahoo 100th post!!! Love your new header, too cute. I can so relate with you on more than half of your favorite list.

Your a doll! :)

Happy Monday.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love this---such a cute idea for your 100th post AND I think I love almost all of your 100 things too!!!!