Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

  • I am so thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having... although its supposed to rain this weekend - its so nice not to be bundled up underneath winter layers any longer and we can just enjoy the outdoors. I am LOVING running outside, having the sunroof open on the way home from work (dont judge if I still have my heated seats on), wearing sunglasses, and pulling out the spring clothes! LOVE IT! I sure hope Spring is here to stay!
  • Its the little things in my life that make me the most happy - like file folders. I picked these bad boys up at Target the other day in the dollar spot - and boy do I love them - they just add so much color to my desk - and they have polka dots - and you know that nothing makes me more happy than polka dots and being organized!
  • I am thankful that Jeff {JM's dad} came over this past weekend and painted my bathroom. This is something that I have wanted to do since I moved into my condo back in May 2007, however I have never gotten around to it - not a top priority as you can tell. We changed the color from a light blue to Spa by Behr. Love it! Although I love the blue, it doesnt match the master bedroom {maybe ill do a post about my master bedroom this weekend so you can see what I'm talking about}.
The new and improved bathroom

  • I bought this little coat as an impulse move at Target a few years ago - I it, however I haven't been able to wear it for the past few years because I gained so much weight - well guess what - were back in action! I can now fit into it again - and I forgot how cute it was. I find myself wearing brown just so I can rock the coat - is that bad? ha! So I am thankful that it fits again.

  • I am thankful that I now have a running group - well kinda. Ashley, JM and I went for an organized run that was put on by the company where I bought my running shoes from - and although I might have been the last one in - it felt good. I'm excited for next week - it can only make me a better runner (I use the term Runner and I in the same sentence very lightly - but we all have to start somewhere!)
  • I'm VERY thankful that I have a hair cut tonight - it needs it badly. Maybe 8 weeks is a little too long to go (I was trying to watch the budget - but the $35 haircut might just be worth it! ha) I am hoping that she will be able to show me how to wear my headbands that I have been busy making - I love them, and I love how they look on other people, I just think I look like a 6 year old. So hopefully I can wear my new obsession soon without looking pathetic!
What are you thankful for on this Thursday?


Christina said...

I love the new color in the bathroom!
Very cute!
Congrats on the weight loss!
It is a very cute jacket!
Today I am thankful for all 3 of my kids being healthy!

Aly said...

Cute post, Linds!! :)

Today....I am thankful for a lot of things.... the weather being so nice...for my boos, whom is very supportive and believes in me....for my Mom whom surprised me with a lunch date and little gift!

Kelly said...

The bathroom color is soo cute! As well as the coat! I'm a huge polka-dot fan too :-) Way to go with being able to wear it again!!

I'm thankful for our phone lines being down today... I don't have to talk to our annoying patients at all today ;-)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love the bathroom color! And your organizer and coat!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Oh wow. Im in love with that bathroom color. you have me on a "want to paint something right now" kick! ha.

Brittany said...

I am sooo thankful for this wonderful Columbus weather!! Great post! I posted a Thankful Thursday too!

Grasso10 said...

I love love love polka dots as well! They make me so happy!

Karisa Tells All said...

I love those file folders from Target and the coat...and everything else Target makes! And I like how you ranked the best places to get diet coke in your profile. I'm a pepsi girl, personally haha :) Cute blog