Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I feel like a NEW person today! I finally have a NEW power cord for my computer (so I'm not stuck blogging down in manland), I have a few NEW pieces for my wardrobe, I made a NEW craft, we have NEW occupants on our counter (all JM's doing), and I have a NEW water bottle to measure my water intake... so hence the title of this post, NEW!

Welcome back laptop, I have missed you!
I went to Old Navy yesterday because I wanted the grey tank top - and of course I didn't just leave with a tank top - I left with 3 dresses, 2 shirts AND the tank top! There are two good pieces of news out of this #1 I had a gift card from my grandparents from christmas - that I used on my purchases, and secondly - I HATE trying things on in the store, so I brought everything home and tried it on - and 2 items did not look right on me - so I returned a dress and a shirt today. Here are my two dresses and tank top that I got... LOVE them - now all i have to do is wait for winter to leave and spring to roll on in... (it would be much appreciated at any time!)
I love the differences in all the bust lines of these little numbers - here is a close up of them

I saw this on Melissa's blog today and thought to myself - I so could make one of those headbands - so I went to JoAnn Fabric and bought 3/4 yard of cheap black fabric, and bought a set of 2 headbands from target for $2.99 and voila - I have a VERY similar headband
This honestly was VERY easy to make (minus the hot glue gun incident I had on my finger - ha!)
You start with a strip of torn fabric
Fold it in half and tie a knot at the end - you want just a little part of the loop showing - because this will soon be the center of your flower
Wrap the fabric around the knot you have made and every turn that you make around the knot place a dab of hot glue. I made sure that all of my hot glue was at the bottom of the rose so it would not show through when I went to place the rose on the headband. Tuck the very end of the fabric underneath and secure it with another "dab" of glue.
Attach roses to your headband with either hot glue or super glue
Something NEW showed up on our counter top last night....
JM is doing his part in supporting a local girl scout troop as you can tell, and he is not supporting my biggest loser competition - ha!

One blog that I love to read is All Things G&D, and Duffy blogged about a February must-have is this Thermos Intak water bottle, and I wanted to do my own consumer report about it - and I officially LOVE my NEW water bottle

My favorite feature on it is the rotating dial that helps you keep track of how much water you drink per day. I am hoping to get through all 6 bottles today, and see how it goes... I think this will be a motivator for me to drink more H2O and less Diet Coke

I have a lot of NEW things going on right now - and I'm liking it... so whats NEW with you??


Aly said...

Linds! Your headband turned out SO cute! I love it!! :)

Jenn Vojta said...

Love the headband! Super cute. I have the same water bottler. I love mine too but watch out for the little plastic insert on the cap (the one that bubbles out on top). Mine fell out and I didn't realize till someone at work said my bag was leaking. Literally. I was in the elevator when I finally realized I had wet pants. Nice...