Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 13 and 14

Day 13


I find myself each year making a new set of goals... this year was no different. I did a recap of my new years resolution goals here - but i thought this would be a perfect time to re-visit them to see how they are coming since we are 3/4 through this year... updates are in teal

  • Overcome my fear of numbers... and by numbers I mean my bank account and my weight. I never like looking at my bank account number because the number is constantly going down and I hate looking at my weight because it is constantly going up... so I am hoping this year my fear of numbers will go away because my bank account will creep up and my weight will dwindle down
**I have to admit - that I am becoming much more comfortable with this - I am much happier to step on the scale in the morning [as a matter of fact - i can't wait to go to the dr to prove to her that I can loose weight!] and paying my bills has becoming much easier - not stressing month to month has been so nice!**
  • While were on the topic of weight.. I have really struggled since college with my weight (actually my entire life) however, I have really noticed since I have been dating Justin (not that it is his fault at all - but just because I am more comfortable than ever) I have lost interest in working out and focusing on my physical health. My goal for this year is start towards my ideal weight loss goal - to loose 23% of my current weight, and I would be where I would ideally want to weigh
**I have lost about 10% of my body weight since the beginning of the year - this is just a start in my weight loss challenge. I feel better than ever and I can't wait to get down to my ideal weight**
  • Back to saving money - I want to save enough money to fly down and see my grandma and great grandma in Florida. I miss both of them dearly and the older I get the more time they spend down in Florida
**still working on this one - i promise!**
  • I would also love to furnish the basement with Justin's help.
**we have the couch - now we just need to figure out the rest of the decorations - not as easy as I thought it would be!**
  • Although I'm not a runner I would like to participate in one race this year - like a 5k - lets start off small and work and I can work my way up to a bigger race or more 5ks throughout the year if I get really ambitious
**never thought I would be able to run this - but I ran a 1/2 marathon. Unfortunately I was not able to run the 1/2 last week, however I plan on running the 1/2 again next May and the full next October.... yes I said a full... it was a challenge from my VP - and I don't/ can't back down from a challenge**
  • I would also love to find a way to calculate walking/running 2oo miles this year.
**unfortunately I haven't logged this - I plan on doing this next year though. **
  • Blog 350 days this year... so far were off to a good start
** Don't know if I'm going to make this one.... but I can still aim for it - right!**
  • Paint my nails and keep them looking nice
**thankfully i got a manicure this weekend - but i can't guarantee they always look as nice as they do right now **
  • Go on a date with Justin once a month... Although we go out to dinner together, sometimes its just so I dont have to make dinner and I'm being lazy or have no creative ideas - I want our dates to be planned
**We have gone on a few - and I love every time we do - its just a special time for the 2 of of us together!**
  • Host a a girls night out once a month for my girlfriends. I am so fortunate to have such a large group of friends who live here locally, and I love it when I am able to get together with them frequently (scarf exchange, Saturday morning movie and breakfast, dinner, ect)
**sorry girls - you know that i have not done well on this one - hopefully my martini party will make up for our missed months during the summer!*
  • Have my parents and Justin's parents over for dinner once a month
    **Some months are better than others at this**
  • Write notes to my friends who may need encouragement, thank you notes to people who encourage me, just saying hi letters to my friends I might not get to see all the time, and an occasional love notes to Justin
  • Continue to volunteer at my church nursery once a month
**They no longer need my sister and my help, there were too many people and not enough kids, so we no longer volunteer.**

Day 14

Picture that you love

Please know - that there i s nothing worse to me than a crying baby
I instantly want to comfort the baby and help them, however a picture of a crying baby to me is pretty much priceless. I know that Molly is very well cared for - and she rarely cries... so with that being said - this picture makes me laugh every time I see it!

one of my other favorite pictures is this picture of my great grandma, grandma, mom, sister and I at my sisters graduation 3 years ago. 4 generations. i love it!
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Sarah said...

your goddaughter is adorable! what a silly picture of her! cute blog!

Lindsay Thomas said...

What a cutie!
Your goals are great - I have noticed, since getting married, that I've gained a few lbs. It is so easy to get in a comfortable spot. Way to go getting back into running! I'm so excited to hear about your marathon! While you're training for that, I'll be doing my couch to 5K :) You're my inspiration!

Lindsay said...

What a precious little girl. GREAT goals. Love this!

Kristen said...

Great goals..AND you are well on your way!

Kelly said...

You're doing so fantastic on your goals!! Your running goal is just so awesome-- keep up the hard work, Lindsey! And I have to side with you on the nail goal-- I probably paint my nails 3 times a week, but it's the only way I can keep them looking nice-- otherwise I'll chip and bite like crazy!! ;-)

Hope you have a great Monday!

d.a.r. said...

I love your goal to stop worrying about the numbers!! This is a HUGE issue of mine. I wish I could!