Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day 7-11 - Catch - Up

Hi there blog friends....

remember me?

I know its been a while....

I almost had to look up my log-in because its been so long since I have blogged

... and if i didn't already nominate myself for the worst blogger of the year award a few months ago - I'm pretty sure I would accept the nomination again for my blogging hiatus!

But no worries I'm back! and I have a lot to catch y'all up on - so here we go!

time to catch up on the 30 day blogging challenge

Day 7

Favorite movies

Steel Magnolias
Varsity Blues
The Holiday
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

Day 8

A place you've traveled to

I have been fortunate that my family has given us the opportunity to travel out west to snowboard for the past few years - however, my favorite place that we travel to often is Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.
It is so serene, peaceful, and when you get down on the water, there is not a care in the world. I love going on a family vacation almost every year there.

Day 9

A picture of your friends

OSU vs OU game

Did y'all know that Aly from Analyze This and I are real life besties?
She was my college roommate at school and I can truly say that I think blogging has only brought us closer together - and I love it!
She is coming this weekend to visit - and I can't wait to see her - i'm sure more pictures are to come!

Jaci and I at the golf outing
all of my sorority sisters at Ashley's wedding earlier this summer
and Justin and my best friends that moved to Boston a few years ago
Stacey and Ryan
Day 10

Something you're afraid of

This is a good question - I'm not so sure how to answer this question - it is much more difficult than I expected it to be.
Perhaps I'm afraid of the unknown - a little because i'm a control freak and a little because I don't like not knowing what is going to happen. I have always been a little bit of a worrier - and thats just my nature - i worry about people, things, and making sure everything goes as planned.

Day 11

Favorite tv shows

Oh my - don't judge my list of reality tv shows - deal?!

Biggest Loser
First 48
Top Chef
Teen Mom
Jersey Shore
Keeping Up with Kardashians
Modern Famiy

Alright - I think that gets me all caught up for now - I will try my hardest not to fall that far behind again! i apologize about that! not my intentions!

Come back tomorrow afternoon and I will have a great give-a-way from everyone's favorite site - CSN!!!! Make sure not to miss it!


Kerbi said...

Love your TV picks! Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies of ALL time!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Love the movie picks I like all of them! I just found out you and Aly were friends in real life too! But she didn't mention the college roommate status! How fun!

Kelly said...

You and Aly better take some awesome photos together!! At least for the girls out here that don't live in even the same state as their BFFs like me :-)

I love that OSU/OU photo-- everyone looks sooo happy and colorful. The other day I was watching the finale of Teen Mom and got a little teary when Caitlyn and Tyler were snuggling. Greg (who hasn't watched more than 2 seconds of the show) was actually interested, asking questions, etc... and then he's all, "There is NO WAY that they're going to stay together" You should have seen me, I 'bout bit his head off because OF COURSE they'll be together forever!! ;-D

Lindsay Thomas said...

I about wrote a comment asking where you went! Glad you're back:) I love Steel Magnolias - Forgot that one on my list!

Jenni said...

I love Modern Family and Keeping up with the Kardashians but I forgot to put them on my list!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hi worst photo ever! I swear, I use to be so photogenic! WTH happened?!

Anyhoo - I love (and forgot to list) KUWTK!!! Love that show! Kris is my favorite - she is NUTS!

Lindsay said...

Varsity Blues! How could I forget that movie! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

i love your movie list! i really love how to lose a guy in 10 days!!! :)

Katie K. said...

You are amazing...that is all.

But really, I mean it!

Mama Dew said...

your favorite shows=my favorite shows. we are TV BFFs

Lacey said...

I can't believe I left Blindside off my list of favorite movies. So good!
And oh, how I love me some Jersey Shore!!!
Great post.

Molly said...

SO glad you're back! I missed you while you were on your hiatus (story of my life with my blog, ha).

Hope you have a FAB weekend! Jealous you and Aly get to hang out! I need to come visit some time :)