Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5 - Siblings

Day 4


Meet Alli [and her fiance Doug - because like me - we don't have many pictures of just ourselves] - my only sibling.
a wedding the whole fam went to earlier this year

Alli and I are 2 1/2 years a part in age

Growing up I don't think we could have been more opposites... she was into drama and i was into sports, i like playing sports and alli did it for the treat afterward [she may kill me for writing that - but its the truth!] .... we certainly didn't have that my sister is my best friend mentality [at all!], however since we have both graduated college and we are both in serious relationships [i think the boys totally help balance us out!] we have been able to lean on each other more for support and friendship!

Alli and Doug's engagement dinner with the fam
fishing in lake cumberland - an early morning for everyone!
our immediate family
{clearly i took a TON Of pictures the day that i wore this argyle sweater because it has appeared in the last 3 posts of mine... i promise it was ALL in one day! hockey game, visiting molly and my dad's 50th surprise party!}

To sum up Alli: creative - opinionated - cardigan wearing - starbucks lover - skiier - has more love for her dog Lily than a normal human should - slob becoming more of a neat freak [where i am the opposite!] - can wear any hat and make it look good - wine drinker - graphic designer - and pretty much a damn darn good sister!

and just because y'all know after yesterday's post that were not a mushy gushy family - this is how i will always remember my sister - even if she is getting married in 372 days!


R said...

For the record, I love the grey argyle sweater. But then I love almost anything argyle.

Kit said...

Your sister looks like she would be so fun to be around!

Lacey said...

Your relationship with your sister sounds a lot like me and mine! Only I was the one that loved drama and she loved sports.

Lindsay Thomas said...

Isn't it amazing how much we can dislike our siblings when we're young but then grow to be close with them!? Love the pictures!

Lindsay said...

Love the pictures Lindsey! :)

Candice Pair said...

awww shes a cutie! she looks like a lot of fun, too! im with you sister and i were never really close until about the time i got engaged and she realized i wasn't 5 anymore haha!

m&msmommy said...

Love the pictures! :)

Thank you for stopping by!

And by the way, your Goddaughter is precious!!!!!

Have a great day!

Mrs. Pick said...

Love the pictures! You and your sis are 2 beautiful ladies!

Caroline said...

Sweet post. Love the pics with her sneaking in!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

how fun!

Caitrin said...

Such cute pictures! Thats so nice that you two can bond more as you get older!

Alli said...

oh lord lindsey...was not expecting to see my mug when I went to your blog! Thank you for telling the world I only played soccer in hopes of getting a twinkie afterward, I really appreciate. I'm glad you posted every time I bombed a was my 25th birthday, I was allowed to be ridiculous. After all, I couldn't be ridiculous for my 21st birthday...I had to take care of someone else! cough, cough! :)

megan said...

Yall sound a lot like my sister & I! Me - soccer & cheerleading. Her - choir & broadway plays. Ha!